Keia Eden Lavine


It is time to take your life and business to the next level! 


It is time to take your life and business to the next level! 

Awaken, Ignite, and Rise!

This is your moment. You've felt the call to a greater purpose, yet self-sabotage, procrastination, resistance, and low self-worth have stood in your way. It's time to break free. This is your life—your chance to savor it, live it to the fullest, and unlock prosperity's door.

Program Overview: "GIFTED" is a 12-week transformational journey carefully crafted from my life's work. It's designed for those hungry for faster results, longing for financial abundance, seeking deeper connections, craving vitality, and tired of the endless cycle of 'healing.'

What You Don't Need: No more searching for additional techniques, setting new intentions, pursuing certificates, skills, or workshops. You won't have to purchase another organizer or drown in note-taking. Say goodbye to distracting yourself through social media or unfinished projects due to feelings of isolation, insecurity, and disconnection. You don't even need to understand everything.

The Promise: All you need to do is show up and be open to coaching, and I'll offer you that ONE thing you've been missing. Let me guide you in attaining it. This is your chance to break through the barriers, evolve into a superior version of yourself, and have what you desire NOW!

Affordability & Purpose: This journey is more affordable than any previous offer I've made. Why? Because witnessing your rise into fierce, fearless leadership with visionary focus and a measurable shift toward your dreams is my everything—it's my purpose.
Conclusion: It's time to seize your gifts. Own your potential and step into a life where your purpose is realized.

Call to Action: Join "GIFTED" now for a transformative journey towards your best self.

Take your life to the next level!

Stay Grounded. Stay Connected. Rise Together.

Module Highlights:
Awaken~ Awaken your spiritual gifts and set the foundation of transformation.
Ignite~ prosperity and growth through empowered practices. 
Rise~ You will rise as a visionary leader who sees impact in all areas of your life. 
bloom~ Go deeper with the VIP package "BLOOM" and get personalized mentorship with energy medicine certification, 1:1 sessions, and bonuses with the 7-day at-home "Vision Quest" course and 7 steps to purification ebook.
Weekly meets, private groups, personalized training, hot-seat coaching, and skills that you will have for your life and business that will ignite prosperity! 

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