Seven Moons

A Journey into the Heart.

You have a message and purpose in this life and you are meant for more.  I know you feel it in your bones.  Whatever your stories are, your limitations, your fears... I will help you break free, find your authentic voice and create the life that you are meant for.  

Through a uniquely designed empowering process you will learn how to create structure and build from a solid foundation to create truly meaningful relationships with yourself, and others while developing a vision and dream for yourself.  

Experience the sheer power of our meticulously crafted course materials, guided mentorship, monthly alchemy lessons, live Q&A sessions, and private chat room—all accessible at your fingertips through our personalized mobile app. With weekly Live Meets, you will have continuous guided mentorship that will shift your life swiftly and powerfully so that the transformation you desire will be SEEN and EXPERIENCED, and no longer be a dream.   

This is your one life, it is not a rehearsal, and there is no do-over... 
Are you ready to actually start living? 

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~The time of the Lone Wolf is over, find your Tribe ~ 
Together, Rising, Inspired, Becoming, Empowered.