Wild Rising ~ Wild Feminine Alchemy Course

The Wild Feminine is Rising  
"Your wild is medicine, your nature is healing, and your wisdom has always been sweet nectar.  That deep sensing that there is something 'more' has honed into the truth of the wild feminine nature within."  ~Keia

Wild Feminine Alchemy Course - A course that will help you find transformation, Alignment, and Balance while developing a deeply connected, approachable spiritual practice to enrich every aspect of your life.  Centered on alignment with the moon, nature's seasons and the cycles of the elements, this course will gift you incredible content, teaching, and practices in the path of wild feminine alchemy, Moon Circle Wisdom, and creating a life that you are in love with. 

Attune to the mystical wisdom within, develop intuition align your energy, and awaken the wild feminine nature within to create a life that you love. 

  • Wild Feminine Alchemy 
  • Moon Medicine Course
  • New Moon Wisdom Circle
  • Intention Setting
  • Full Moon Rituals
  • Community Discussion Room
Wild Rising is a tribe of wild, wondrous women deepening their spiritual walk, awakening to the wild nature of the untamed soul, and creating a life of expressive and permissive fun.  Enjoy all of this on your own private app off social media as we re-wild with intentional focus, sovereignty, and our power of creation. 

I will see you in the sacred circle.
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With Wild Love, 
Keia Lavine

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Payment Options

$800 for 3 monthly payments
$444 for 6 monthly payments
$297 for 12 monthly payments
~The time of the Lone Wolf is over, find your Tribe ~ 
Together, Rising, Inspired, Becoming, Empowered.