It is your time to RISE... 
This is the course that will matter most. A guided Transformational course in the path of Wild Feminine Alchemy.  Certification and Training in "The Art of Holding Space," a holistic therapeutic certification and training course. A soul-mapping journey of reclamation, leadership, and embodiment.  

Through learning powerful techniques, skills, and mastery of the holistic arts, alongside direct coaching and guidance from initiated Medicine Woman Keia Lavine, you will be guided as you shift your resistance, procrastination, feelings of disconnect, and self-sabotaging patterns to create a life you love. 

Experience the sacred wisdom teachings of nature and the power of approaching life as the great ceremony of your life and relationship with yourself and others.  In this path of spiritual medicine, you get to nourish both psyche and soul and ignite the wild flame of your spirit for play, expression, and conscious creation of a life you love. 

Take a journey with me.

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~The time of the Lone Wolf is over. Find your Tribe ~ 
Together, Rising, Inspired, Becoming, Empowered.