Integration Coaching

You are a Leader and the world needs you.  

I guide you into deep, swift, and powerful reset, transformation, and embodiment to get clarity and shift your life so that you can actually have the space to allow your gifts and genius to work together.  Integrate these life experiences and finally be done with "trauma" work.  Create a life that you dream of and leave a legacy with your work as a conscious heart centered being... 

Sometimes you may be holding space for so many people but who is holding space for you? That IS what I do and it is my genius zone...  I will help you find integration through profound, specific, and individually focused work to support your journey.

Integration Coaching is about full embodiment, personal development, and receiving fully so that you are prepared to be leading the way for others. Sometimes it can feel like there is so much healing work to do or that we are too busy with all the demands on us from work, home, society, finances, peers, and family life.  

Where do you begin? How do you deal with the pressing anxiety, time demands, and more, let alone all the "recommended" practices out there for elevating consciousness?  Sometimes you have a dream of starting a business or practice but don't know where to begin. I carry the teachings of indigenous wisdom, ceremony, and balance of business management, branding, website build, and creation of your craft as well as the deep interpersonal work that will help you move past those blocks that prevent you from moving forward. 

I am integrated and in my purpose, ready to support you in yours... It is time for you to receive and get clarity and direction because there is a world waiting for your genius. 

With Wild Love, 
Keia Lavine. 

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Payment Options

$1,400 for 3 monthly payments
$1,300 for 6 monthly payments
~The time of the Lone Wolf is over, find your Tribe ~ 
Together, Rising, Inspired, Becoming, Empowered.