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Journey into the heart. 

Dynamic Integration Therapy

Dynamic Integration Therapy is a holistic based psychospiritual therapeutic approach to private session work...  It is a one-on-one session, that encompasses clinical, holistic, spiritual, shamanic, and alternative medicine therapeutics for a powerful shift, immediate empowerment, and clarity on your purpose and path.  Each session is individually tailored to your specific needs, journey and desires for specialized treatment. 


integration session
Integration Sessions are 1:1 Private Sessions, where you will receive my personally created Dynamic Integration Therapy, a psychospiritual and holistic-based session that offers a balanced, laser-focused approach to support your journey.  This session is a powerful catalyst for an immediate shift of perspective, consciousness, energy, and purpose.  
It's time for the shift to happen so that you can step into the conscious life you choose.

1:1 Dynamic Integration Session

If you are ready for extra-ordinary support, then this session is for you!

90 Minute Deep Dive of Energy Medicine, Psychic Reading, Guided Work, and Holistic Support for an energetic and psycho-spiritual reset that will give you the clarity and focus you seek.

The deep heart

In this session, we will do the deep heart work of going to the root of your blocks, paradigms, and resistance that cause anxiety, depression, pain, and anger.  I will guide you through energy medicine and individualized therapeutic modalities that will specifically support you in releasing, shifting, and transforming of the mind, body, spirit, and energy for immediate results.  

In sessions, I provide clients with an in-depth reflection into their lives, holistic guidance, and actionable practices for balancing the mind, body, and spirit.  Sessions help with trauma release, anxiety, stress, grief, disconnect, PTSD, depression, grief, and autoimmune support.  

During a session, we will open up a sacred container and I will guide you to clearly articulate what you most deeply are seeking.  As energy begins to move, you will be guided into a hypnogogic state to float your consciousness in theta waves for a parasympathetic reset.  As you rest you will receive energy medicine and gain clarity, guidance, and insight, as I read your energy body and translate to you what I see with my natural gifts as a seer.  Through psycho-spiritual guidance, I will ask guiding questions for you to explore layers of your subconscious at a conscious level to reveal the roots underneath your pain, and help you to become witness to the programs that have been running false identities, perceptions, and paradigms.  

Sessions are infused with Holy Fire Reiki Energy healing, and supported with Holistic Guidance, Various alternative medicine practices, and oftentimes follow-up practices, tools, and sometimes homework to best support your continued journey.  

I take a holistic approach with my clients with the whole person (body, mind, emotions, and spirit) to give clear and direct guidance to help to achieve results.  Sessions last up to 90 minutes over the phone, right from the comfort of your own space. I help you create a comfortable and safe connection and individualize every session to your specific needs and journey.  No topic is off-limits. Most clients feel an immediate shift.  If you are ready, I look forward to deeply supporting your process and empowering your journey of the heart.

I was born with the natural gifts of psychic medium and empath.  I grew up "feeling" and "seeing" many things which were often confusing for me.  After finding amazing teachers, I have learned to hone my gifts and now use them while working with clients to see and know vital information or get messages to help my clients in a powerful way.   I integrate several clinical and holistic therapies, with my natural spiritual gifts and energy medicine healing ability to provide you with a powerful therapeutic session.  

My connection to nature and my natural ability to work with spirits and energy has led me to my path as a healer.  I am now a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and a practicing Psychic Medium.  Having been trained and certified in several healing modalities such as Usui "Holy Fire" Reiki and Akhanda Shakti Yoga, I offer an in-depth approach to holistic health treatment.  

A consultation is the first step to getting to know you and your desired outcome a little better. From this consultation, we will work together to tailor your treatment plan to your unique needs in a comfortable and safe environment. 

Most clients experience an immediate shift and clarity and leave with clear direction, support, and specific tools, to begin to take health into their own hands.  Sessions last 60-90 minutes from the comfort of your own space. No topic or health concern is off limits and I even support those working with entheogenic and psychedelic medicines. . 

I am a modern-day Medicine Woman working with a holistic mind, body and spirit approach to help clients awaken, heal and rise!

What can you do to prepare?  

Scheduling a session shows that you are ready for a change.  I am always in awe when someone invests in themselves this way.  I too did the same investment in my self when I began my healing journey.  I needed answers to my questions and clarity on my gifts and I so very deeply wanted to heal.  I knew there was something more to this life and I fought so hard to overcome but felt stuck in a loop.  You being here and reading these words, means that you are on your path to conscious embodied living.  So congratulations! 

To make the best of the reading, receive the most information, and to find deep results I ask my clients to prepare for their reading. To best prepare for your session, I always encourage my clients not to drink alcohol or do any recreational drugs for at least 24 hours and to drink lots of water. (This does not include prescribed medications.)  This helps with reading the client and hearing what the energy body is saying even more clearly.  

The following list is several things you can do to get the most out of your reading.  Remember that these are all suggestions and not mandatory.

Some suggestions are;  
  • Drink water before the reading (In fact make sure you are well hydrated as water helps to conduct the energy clearly)
  • No Alcohol or drugs for 24 hours prior as this helps to keep emotions from influencing the reading.
  • Bring a journal and pen for after the reading to jot down any notes.
  • Bring your phone in case you would like to record the reading or if we use cards so that you can take a picture of the cards.
  • Meditate for 5-10 min (if you would like) the morning of your session for good grounding.
  • Know that just by booking your session, you are already creating energetic change for awakening, healing, and rising.
  • Clear your schedule for an hour or two afterward to allow the session healing and messages to integrate fully.
If you have any questions or want to get to know me better, you are welcome to schedule a connection call with me.  This 20-30 min free call is to give you space to ask me any questions, for me to give you a little insight into the session, and to help us both make sure we are a good fit to work together.  
You are worth investing in.  You are, in fact, the best investment you could ever do.  



A one-on-one ceremony sometimes called an “Integration Session” is a combination session, inclusive of several holistic and alternative medicine therapies.  As a seer and energy healer, all sessions are guided by intuition and spiritual abilities and infused with clinical, holistic, and psychospiritual therapeutics.  Scheduling a session for a specific reason or for support in your entheogenic or psychedelic journey is also welcomed. I have seen incredible results for trauma release and healing through this modality over the years.  All sessions fully encompass energy medicine, holistic support, and alternative medicine modalities that are individually tailored to you.  Sessions are an incredible opportunity to awaken, heal and rise to your fullest potential. I guide clients into deeper, quicker, and more potent healing for an immediate shift, clarity, and embodiment.  I especially love awakening spiritual gifts in others. 

Does the session have to be in person? 
No - Distance is not a factor, energy permeates all time, distance, space, and dimension and can be done over the phone, OR on Zoom.   More than half of my clients have been all over the world including the United States, South Africa, the Philippines, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and more. 

Do I have to do anything special? 
Nope- besides the above recommendations; if getting a distance session you are invited to prepare with water, and quiet space, and for all sessions, you are strongly encouraged to avoid alcohol /and party-like substances for 24 hrs before the session. Again, there is no limit to the energy and innate spiritual abilities that are within us all. 

I want to talk to a deceased loved one - as a medium, can you do that?
My work is geared more toward the healing of your mind, body, and spirit... Often a deceased loved one will relay a message, however, I don't always focus on this practice in my mediumship.  The answer here is not definitive in my practice as my focus is on the psychospiritual dynamics of healing.  

I am still uncertain if this is worth it.
I completely understand this as I have felt this  
As a modern-day medicine woman, and single mother of two, I understand completely the pressures of money and time and I am here to offer you my intent to give you the most for your session. Sessions can last longer than the typical hour that you will find elsewhere and I am there to help you get results.  I intend to help all my clients find healing by providing them with an in-depth session and with the tools to continue their journey.  I help you find clarity as to the next steps to begin living a life that is empowered through personal knowledge, understanding, and embodiment.  That can sound pretty cliche, however, I have been in practice and helping others achieve new possibilities and levels of health and vitality in their life for over 6 years now.  I am honored to be able to take part in the awakenings of so many, helping them actualize their gift, and embody their divinity.   I am so happy for you to experience the healing that comes from a shamanic session that includes energy medicine, psychic reading, therapeutics, and more.  Through practice, embodiment, and great mentors in my path, I have learned to hone my gifts to offer my clients deep and transformative healing sessions through ceremonial shamanic work.

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My story was one of survival, but then I decided I didn't want to be a survivor anymore.  I wanted to live, like REALLY Live.  Now I am in service to helping you overcome those pain stories and write a brand new chapter.

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