Alchemize a life that you love 
Experience a transformational journey with Keia Lavine, a renowned Medicine Woman and visionary leader, whose expertise and teachings are rooted in ancient shamanic and uniquely blended with the latest research in neuroscience,  psychology, quantum science and holistic practices. 

Keia teaches alchemy as a path of hands-on, self-actualized transformation, experienced through radical, permissive expression, and her unique soul-mapping process of seven dimensions. She shows you how to activate and use those "hidden" spiritual gifts, and develop your business through strategic, cyclical & seasonal alignment for metamorphosis you can feel, touch, see, and experience in presence.  

Keia's courses empower you with the knowledge and support to awaken your spiritual potential, integrate ceremonial experiences, and overcome patterns of trauma that hold you back. You will find newness in life and balance through applied action steps, creating a conscious, structured life that supports your growth and metamorphosis.

Unlike many courses out there, you will get exclusive access to personalized guidance and support tailored to your unique needs as she takes you on a journey through the sacred teachings of the seven directions of the Medicine Wheel, revealing secret shamanic wisdom that will accelerate your transformational journey.

You can expect ease of access, privacy, and measurable growth as you take the first step in your transformational journey and sign up to achieve the life you dream of.


Alchemy of the Spiritual Warrior

Wild Feminine Alchemy

A Seven Day Journey in Alchemy

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