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 We're thrilled to meet you for this empowering workshop. An empowering virtual event to give you the tools to step into your purpose and have freedom from procrastination and overwhelm. 
It is time to have the impact and prosperity you are meant to have. 
You will learn how to break free and redefine everything through energetic wisdom, holistic tools and neuroscience techniques that will shift everything.  

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📅 Date: February 16th, 2023
Time: 4PM - 7 PM PST

During this transformative workshop, you'll be treated to an experience and practice to transcend the blocks that keep you stuck in the hampster wheel.  Get your life and your business back and gain the skills to create your legacy vision and message with clarity and purpose.  

Anticipate an experience rich with breakthroughs, revelations, and expert advice that will reshape your priorities and help awaken your hidden spark within. 

This workshop alone holds immeasurable transformative insight as a mastermind to empower entrepreneurs into redefining everything and living life In Powered!!!!

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This VIP ticket includes: 

The 7-day, at-home course "Vision Quest," Course, a powerful journey into cleansing, resetting, and getting clarity on your vision and purpose ($1000.00 Value), 
My personally written "Seven Steps to Purification" ebook: a powerful step into Ayurvedic cleansing & reset ($100 Value), 
Conscious Calendar Course, How to align your energy to the wisdom of nature ($500 Value)
A private app with a discussion room, phone app & access to materials, Free guided meditations and 
 The empowering Vision Meditation to support your morning prosperity practice ($50)
Lastly, a free 30-minute private 1:1 connection for consultation ($150 Value).

Completely Complimentary with the VIP Ticket! 

These gifts are designed to help you gain clarity on the vision & purpose of your life, and support your holistic health and conscious journey.  
They will help you leap into your entrepreneurial career with focus and empowerment.  
Don't pass this opportunity up!

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