Integration Coaching 

Integration is the biggest, overlooked part of any spiritual journey.  Experience and knowledge are great, but to understand the experience, extract the wisdom and apply it to your life through action is how the experience becomes integrated.  

There is a structure to integration...

In a world of separation, inundation of knowledge and more to-do's than minutes in the day... 

Integration coaching will help you ground in, find that wisdom and teach you how to extract the medicine that will simplify, clarify and help you finally move forward with consciousness.  

This personalized, private, and in-depth work, will clarify YOUR path and journey for the direction that is found from within.  

Integration work will make the difference you seek...  

It's time for you to create a life that you love. You did not come to this life to exist, to just keep up with all the "doing" and not enough being.  You are more powerful than you know, and it's time to create a life that you consciously choose...

Imagine what it would feel like to live in each moment as though it is the very best moment of your life.   That moment is what you life is meant to fully BE. 
This journey will nourish your soul, help you find purpose, and give you the steps to embody the area of your life.  Create more energy, feel vitality again, and find your voice and power again.   There is a real difference for those that do the integration work. 

"I can't tell you how grateful I am! In just hree months you helped me finally overcome and step into my truth and authenticity, something that I have been trying to accomplish with other coaches and therapists for nearly 20 years. I look different, feel different and see the world differently and was finally able to take action and shift my relationship. I am so glad I gave this work a try. Thank you for everything!!!" - Integration Client

If fear and procrastination are what have been stopping you from investing in yourself this whole time, then you already know WHY you are here reading these words. Nothing changes until something changes.
Do not procrastinate any longer, your time is now. 

Integration Coaching to suit your needs

If you are...

  • Feeling stuck, stagnant or disconnected or are experiencing anxiety.
  • If you want a deeper connection in life and desire to feel vitality, creativity and inspiration.
  • If you want to develop an integrated and authentic spiritual practice without all the "to-do's".
  • Receive personalized support to actualize your dreams.
  • Receive emotional, spiritual, physical guidance to integrate post ceremony...

You are reading these words for a reason. 

Stop searching for more answers to problems and step into integration to get clarity. 


Integration Coaching Suited for your needs

Single Session Coaching

$350 Single Session

90-minute session to support your journey through guided integration coaching focus, energy medicine, shamanic wisdom, and focus action steps. 

In You can be in control again, with strong boundaries and clarity on what you want and where you are going. This course will give your the missing elements of that life you see "could be" and help you create it. 

What it includes

  • One Session Virtual Live or Phone Meet 
  • Energy Medicine 
  • Holistic Consult and guidance
  • Energy reading 
  • Psycho-Spiritual Reset 
  • Directional Guidance on your next steps.

3 Months Coaching

$8,000.00 In Full or 3 payments of $2700

3 months of individualized support, guidance, mentorship, and specific attention toward actualizing a massive, measurable shift in your life.

This work will deep dive you with quick, profound experiential tasks that will build a foundation and structure for long-lasting shifts. you will find your 
self finally taking action on what you really want in 
life. No more giving your power away.

What it includes

  • 6 Integration Coaching Sessions at 90 min each.
  • The private app, vault, and discussion room 
  • Weekly Live Alchemy Studen MasterClass Invite 
  • Break down the 7 FOUNDATIONAL Steps to getting clarity on what you are manifesting and why.  
  • Getting clear on your dream, vision, choices, focus, identity, and purpose so that your energy is aligned.
  • Habit Stacking to see Results that YOU create. 

6 Months Coaching

$15,600.00 in full or 6 payments of $2,600

6 Months of Individualized support to become the embodied, expressive, conscious, heart-centered being you are meant to be.

I will teach you how to integrate lost energy and life force with significant quantum science, spiritual truth, and proven results.  6 Month's working with me for the best results on all levels; relationships, carreer, authentic truth, clarity, dreams, focus, and even the deep soul and trauma recovery. 
Might as well start packing now, cause you will shift your universe.  

List what it includes

  • 12 one on one Integration Coaching Sessions
  • Private App, Vault, and Discussion
  • Energy Medicine treatment
  • Psychospiritual and Intuitive readings
  •  4 Monthly Modules to dive deeper into a spiritual connection
  • Weekly Live Alchemy Masterclass attendance 
  •  7-Day Vision Quest Journey Program
  • Ebook -7 steps to purification 
  • 2 Ceremonial in-person session
  • Getting clear on the purpose
  • Habit Stacking
  • Tangible measurable shifts

One Year Guided Mentorship Integration Coaching Package available for those who are in service and are ready to step into IMPACT & LEGACY LEADERSHIP.
No matter what your career field, service, passion or creation, In a 12 month coaching you will work one on one with me to actualize the impact you feel deep within the bones.  You were called for a mission and you will actualize it. I stand by my work, and I will hold that accountability for you to be able to stand by yours as well. 

Awaken, Ignite & Rise with integration in action.
Peace, Clarity, Focus, Vision, Alignment, Connection... I will help these become the words that describe your life. 

Legacy Leadership Personal Coaching for income and impact!

Personalized Integration Coaching Works: Get immediate shift and guidance from someone who has the experience, and is qualified to support your ceremonial journey.

Fill out the form below to get started. 
You don't have to do it alone any more. You can develop an enriching spiritual life, with ease,  fun, depth and embodied expression. 
It is time to fulfill your purpose. 
Imagine how you would feel if you ...

  • Felt clear on your purpose and passion
  • Felt seen, heard, and safe again
  • Developed a personal practice that puts you first
  • Experience thriving relationships and connections
  • Could express yourself with authenticity and freedom
  • Stepped into your truth and experience the joy, peace, and deep inner connection you've been seeking.

All of this doesn't just have to be a dream... I can help you create it. 

Or you can keep trying to do it all on your own and come back in a few months when you are experiencing the same thing. 

It is all up to you... All you have to do is make this first step and give me the opportunity to help you. 
Embody the sacred

πŸ‘‰ Private and Tailored work  
πŸ‘‰ Private App off social media and ongoing live contact.
πŸ‘‰ Weekly Live Alchemy Lesson 
πŸ‘‰ Private sessions for direct support to deeply move into your journey of consciousness
πŸ‘‰ Measurable shifts.
This choice is the best choice you'll make this year, and potentially in your life... That will be up to you.

It's time to step into your life...
Stress Management, Clarity, Focus, Vision, Alignment, Connection... I will help these become the words that describe your life. 

Are you ready to create a life that you love?

No More Signing up for online workshops that you don't finish!

Learn from an experienced Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Initiated Medicine Woman. Someone who lives THIS! 

Sure you could google the answers or try to keep doing it your self.

But are you asking the right questions? Still going at it alone? Are the answers you've been getting helping you with lasting change?  Are they coming from someone who has been through what you are facing? How much more of your life are you going to trade for confusion, stagnation and disconnection? 

Why keep experiencing the same thing over and over again when you can work with a teacher who will show you how to get the results?

I imagine how you're overwhelmed, and frustrated with the industry of it all, the to-do lists, the sticky notes, emails, texts, forums, appointments, and more. 

Truth is, You are a smart, intelligent, powerful being and you already know the answers.  You are just feeling beaten down by life and perhaps lost your way a bit.  

Let me help you remember who you are.

All you need to do is sign up, show up and let someone support your process. 

 - it's as simple as that... and the most important journey you'll take.  

Integration Coaching for you

"This integration coaching is taught by someone who has been integrating clients, seekers, and journeyers for years.  Others may teach you how to work harder, learn a new skill, get more, and make more money.  This work is the journey into your heart, the ONE most important piece that will connect all of the rest of your life. 

What this will do for you :
You will design a life that you love with an inner personal connection, you will get to know yourself in the most profound way, and create the foundations of a spiritual path that works FOR you so that you can create a life that you love."  - Keia

Keia Lavine, is an initiated medicine woman, psychic-medium, and balanced with clinical skill, holistic therapeutics, and experience with human services and business management education and experience.  

Feel grounded again, feel the passion for life again, no more lack or victim mentality. know who you are and your purpose and step into it. 
What'll happen after you purchase?
Once you join you'll get
πŸ‘‰ You will be directed to your own personal app to download 
πŸ‘‰ Gain Access to the Coaching Vault with a private chat room
πŸ‘‰ Receive an invite to schedule your first Coaching Sessions
πŸ‘‰ Get your e-book (if applicable)
πŸ‘‰ Get your invite to the weekly live alchemy calls for 3 month packages and more.

Sometimes we have blocks and blind spots that we just can't get past. 

Having someone who can see them for you and kindly and gently uncover them with you and teach you how to shift it for clarity... this is what you will experience and more.  Learning how to align energy, emotion, time, and work life to a completely integrated spiritual path will make a difference that you haven't seen begore.  
I will help you with my seven-step process that will help you get an immediate shift and direction so that you stop wasting more life and start actually living. 
Your choice is easy...

This is for you if...

  • You want to enrich your spiritual life
  • Want to get clarity on your purpose
  • Want to develop your spiritual connection
  • Want to feel vitality again
  • READY to create a life that you love
  • you are physically and financially ready

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking for a magic pill
  • You will not commit to showing up
  • Not coachable
  • Not wanting to develop a spiritually connected life
  • Are not ready to ask for help and receive it
  • If you already know your purpose and don't believe that a spiritually connected life will enhance all areas of your experience.
About me
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Energy Medicine Specialist, Psycho-Spiritual Guide and Initiated Medicine Woman.  
Extensively Certified in Holistic Modalities, Trained and taught by incredible teachers, intact lineages, and EXPERIENCED in offering courses, workshops, ceremonies, certifications, and the sacred art of ceremony and more. 
I have been teaching the art of spirituality and holistic services for nearly 7 years.  With courses, in person experiences and more.  I have been helping clients overcome PTSD, Trauma, Fear, Anxiety, Pain, Grief and Depression and step into empowered and authentic living for even longer. 
I too am a survivor and have real life experience of what pain and trauma actually do to a mind, body and spirit.  I know what it's like to awaken, to heal, to find your voice in all of this,  plus, I carry clinical therepuetic skill and certification and a lifelong path of spiritual service to really take integration to the level it is meant to be. 

I now live life as a powerful creator, doing what I love, in my purpose, in service, making an impact, and helping others rise.   

What people are saying
β€œ - 1 month into the program, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 
I have felt more growth in one month of this course than the 6 months I have spent on my healing journey. Keia teaches us that we are our own healers... and provides the guidance I was desperately seeking to ground, go deep, and open up.
This course is changing my life. When I saw what people typically charge for a course of this nature my jaw dropped to the floor. I feel like the luckiest person.... like I found a little hidden gem.”
β€” Carly R.
β€œKeia has contributed to one of the most healing times of my life. To have her as a teacher and supporter during this transition brings me so much gratitude and honor. Her deeply caring heart and genuine approach to healing is what makes her unique. She brings so much laughter medicine with her and it helps bring ease and comfort to ceremony. She is powerful in the work she does and I would recommend her for even the most fragile of healing circumstances. Keia is amazing and I will continue to work with her on this path. Thank you Sak Nikte. ”
β€” Sophee H.
β€œKeia is an amazing, compassionate and beautiful person. Her healing’s are so cleansing and make me feel stronger than ever after! If you are looking for someone who cares, then Keia is the one for you”
β€” Kimberly S.

What you'll find in this personal coaching:
πŸ‘‰ Develop connections with a community of like-minded. 
πŸ‘‰ live classes and course-led curriculum with recordings. 
πŸ‘‰ Integration work. 
πŸ‘‰ Understand the why and how of correct frequency when setting any intention for manifestation work. 
πŸ‘‰ Learn how to set up sacred space for powerful energetic work. 
πŸ‘‰ Private app right on your phone for easy access anywhere
πŸ‘‰ learn the 7 foundations and steps to get clarity in manifesting
πŸ‘‰ Get clear on your dream, vision, Choices Focus, Identity, and purpose so that your energy is aligned
You don't have to keep doing it alone...
I'm here to help you put an end to the busy mind, shift the stories of stress, reconnect to your own inner wisdom and begin to create a life of expressive living for impact, income, experience, and relationship that you deserve. 
Still have questions? Then let's book a connection call and see how I can help you in your journey.

Final call
if you don't do this now, you....
You will probably be in the same spot that you have been in months from now with the same issues.  Nothing changes till something changes.  And I am not saying that to be harsh.  It is true, as I have experienced it.   
Don't waste your life, and Don't procrastinate any longer. Stop working to continuously feed the machine, when the only thing that matters is your alignment, your vitality, and your deep inner connection.  From this space, abundance, prosperity, health, action,... They will all ripen with the power of life force as you commit. 

If you could have done this on your own, you wouldn't be here.

How much. more time do you want to let pass before your innate spiritual gifts are truly realized? 

Let your life become a  dream fulfilled, and not a series of busy days that are gone too fast 
You only get this one life, this is not a rehearsal and there is no do-over...

The time to live is now.  

In this coaching you'll:

  • Set the stage for lasting change by digging deep and gaining clarity on what you really need to work on to finally feel at ease.

  • Create a direction by tapping into what your authentic heart wants to be experiencing, craft the dream, and begin alignment towards that direction.

  • Learn daily practices, simple steps that you can actually apply for direction. accountability, and to see tangible results.

  • Kickstart your life with a journey session and take your transformation to the next level!
PLUS: get my personalized focus worksheets to keep you on track 
Let's get you out of confusion and into where you want to be
Later only means you will be in the same position you are now.. just later. More life spent...

You can either
Sure you can keep searching google for ways to heal, ease your anxiety, or manage anger.  You can keep doing YouTube for meditations that you sometimes follow and try to fit in...  You can keep feeling isolated, frustrated, and sitting in self-sabotage.


You can stop wasting time searching for answers outside yourself and learn how to find them within.  You can stop seeking and learn from an actual Medicine Woman who is experienced and can help you.
I will personally guide you to:. 

  • Get clarity on your Dream 
  • Develop your vision
  • Clarify your Message
  • Personal and Spiritual Development
  • Develop your platform 
  • Building your website
  • Get laser focused
  • Experience the transformation to shift the blocks stopping you 
  • Create a focused practice to support your spiritual journey
  • Ceremonial Work to support your process
Put yourself first and make the one investment that will matter most. The resistance is confirmation that you are meant to do this. 
Keia Lavine
You were chosen for a purpose..

You were chosen for a purpose.

Copyright Wild Moon LLC, Keia Lavine