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Jesus Ramirez

Dr. Zeus (Jesus I. Ramirez, MD, MSW) is an Ivy-League educated and board-certified surgeon who specializes in trauma, severe burns, and critical care.  Witnessing extreme human suffering led him to seek a path of deeper service—healing beyond the physical body. He left surgery to obtain a master's in social work and professional training in psychotherapy using both MDMA and ketamine. He now has a private therapy practice in Berkeley, CA, where he guides people through healing journeys of self-discovery and supports other therapists by prescribing ketamine for their clients. He holds this work as sacred—beyond medicine and therapy.


Cody Blocker

Cody Blocker C.P.S. is an author, speaker, teacher, martial artist and a certified Mindfulness Coach. He has been teaching leadership and mindset for over a decade. He now primarily serves people by helping them tell their stories and recognize their true identity through the writing their books and becoming the author of their own lives. 



Lisa Hammett

Lisa Hammett is an accomplished motivational and TEDx speaker, an international best-selling author, a success and mental fitness coach, and a wellness expert, helping stressed and burned out business owners and executives develop mental fitness to manage stress, improve productivity and communication, and regain their health and wellness.

With over 26 years of experience in the corporate retail industry, Lisa knows firsthand the toll that stress and burnout can take on individuals. After a transformative health and wellness journey, where she lost 65 pounds, Lisa decided to dedicate her life to helping others achieve their health and wellness objectives.

Lisa has positively impacted the lives of thousands of individuals, empowering them to make lasting changes. 

Her first book, From Burnout to Best Life.  How to take charge of your health and happiness, reached best seller status in 16 categories globally.

Bea Boccalandro

Bea Boccalandro helps organizations and people ignite purpose at work. She is the author of Do Good at Work: How Simple Acts of Social Purpose Drive Success and Wellbeing (New York: Morgan James Publishing, 2021), which Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author Adam Grant named a top 2021 book and Midwest Book Review recommends as “life changing, life enhancing.” 

Bea has been published in Harvard Business Review, The Boston Globe and other major publications; and has been featured on Forbes, FOX TV, the TEDx stage and other media outlets. As founder and president of the global purpose advisory firm, VeraWorks, Bea has over two decades of experience helping businesses make customer interactions more human, products more inclusive, operations more environmentally sustainable, marketing more charitable or otherwise make work more meaningful. Her clients include Aetna, Bank of America, Disney, Eventbrite, FedEx, HP, John Hancock, IBM, Levi’s, PwC, TOMS Shoes, Toyota and Western Digital. Bea also has over 15 years of experience teaching corporate social purpose and corporate social responsibility (CSR) at Georgetown University, Boston College and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She lives in San Clemente, California, with her husband. She is also a proud Rotarian, Venezuelan-born Latina and comically bad surfer.

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Massoma Alam

Massoma Alam Chohan is a Business Psychologist, TEDx Speaker, and the award-winning author of the #1 bestselling book on Amazon, "Take Your Lunch Break: Helpful Tips for Relieving Work-Related Stress."

Massoma is a distinguished speaker haven spoken at the United Nations and delivered keynote speeches at Universities. Massoma offers coaching services and corporate presentations around stress management and burnout. She is a huge mental health advocate and aims to end the associated stigma.

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Lisa Apolinski

Lisa Apolinski, CMC is the CEO of 3 Dog Write. She is a content coach, teaching business owners how to use their content to attract more right-fit clients so that they experience the positive ROI on marketing and business development investments. 

She has written several books, including Persuade With A Digital Content Story, named one of the top content marketing books in the world and most recently as a co-author on The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever, an Amazon #1 new release.
She has been featured in Forbes and The New York Times for her expertise on digital storytelling and has been dubbed “America’s Digital Content Futurist”.