The path of the Medicine  

My Services

  • Wild Rising: Wild Feminine Alchemy & Moon gatherings. A powerful community for the awakening woman.
  • Journey: Private 1-to-1 sessions
  • RISE 12- Month Course & Guided Wild Feminine Alchemy
  • Group Ceremony Experiences (consult)
  • Private Ceremony, with prep and integration support.
  • TRIBE: Free Community & offerings of sacred wisdom. 

What do I do?
I guide you into your heart through a soul-mapping journey of alchemy.  My work is to support you as you ignite and embody your innate wisdom, gifts, and higher consciousness.  With my work, you will create and alchemize your dream life into an experienced manifestation.  
I offer teachings, workshops, ceremonial gatherings, and guided coursework & coaching.  I combine teachings from spirit, science, nature, and the quantum with innate shamanic wisdom to help you rise.  

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Don't Miss out on Wild Rising
Awaken the Wild Spirit within and find the flow. 

Wild Rising is a community of Wild Women seeking deep connection, sisterhood, and powerful spiritual enrichment to wake the wisdom of the bones and create a life you love living.  

In this Monthly membership, you will receive New & Full Moon Ceremony, Wild Feminine Wisdom, a private group, and an app off social media. 

I serve the Alpha Warrior Women, the do-ers, the queens of the to-do lists, and the winners of the many hats awards.  The leaders, the mothers, the professionals, and the entrepreneurs.  I serve the stay-at-home mothers and the empty nesters.  For YOU, Wild one, this community exists.  
It is time to play, nourish, sing and dance and create.  

The home of the wild ones is a tribe created for you to fill your cup, to receive, to share all of your experience free from judgment and fixing.  It is a timeless tradition to gather in a circle.  And here at the Wild Rising, we gather together during New Moon times.  This circle is about you, a space for sharing yourselves wholeheartedly with the circle.  We know deep in our bones there is magic and medicine, and hidden within our depths is a special power that is only ignited in sisterhood.  It is in our ceremony of sacred moon circles that we witness and support each other in our process of reclamation, renewal, rebirth, and our collective rewriting of HER STORY.  

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