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I welcome you to this sacred space. A home for connection, transformational courses, event and ceremony invites, and life-nourishing content, to help you embody the sacred through a journey into the heart.  This is the path of medicine.  

What you will find here : 
Wild Rising Membership Community
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Wild Feminine Alchemy 
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May you expand, express, and integrate as we rise together.

Wild Rising ~ Wild Feminine Alchemy
Wild Rising is a tribe for women.  A membership group for the Alpha Warrior Women gathering to connect, nourish the wild Feminine spirit, and embody the sacred wisdom within.  Membership includes private community, Monthly Moon Circle experiences,  Rituals of Rewilding, Wild Feminine Alchemy, and so much more.  
Wild Rising is about the reclamation of your feminine power.  Join for a soul-filled journey of tending the garden of your spirit through somatic play, creative expression, and sacred sisterhood.  Reclaim and rewrite your "HERSTORY" and rise through the power of breath, dance, movement, inspirational flow, and honoring of our innate wild & natural cyclical nature.

Conscious Educational Courses
The consciousness of our planet is rising and the way of the future requires a balance of psychospiritual, holistic, and alchemical skills.  As a Medicine Woman, and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I have been teaching alchemy-based alternative medicine certifications and transformational courses for years. My work is centered on aligning with nature, alchemizing pain into purpose, and guiding you into your heart for reclamation, and embodiment of your own innate wisdom.  This work with activate spiritual gifts, and help you align with your purpose.  Awaken, ignite and rise into embodied expression.  This course is specifically designed for the Alpha Warrior Woman who is ready to step into Sovereignty. 

Journey with me...
I love to share the wisdom that was passed down to me from my elders and lineage.  I am a visionary and have a gift of alchemical magic to shift and inspire, awaken dormant gifts, and unravel hidden binds in the consciousness.    
I offer group ceremonial experiences, and private journeys both online or in person, and work with powerful psychic vision, natural medicines, and several alternative medicine & holistic therapeutic modalities that I am certified in. 
I also host and co-facilitate retreats and events, offer public speaking, and teach shamanic wisdom classes in the arts of ceremony, altar work, and alchemy.

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Don't forget to sign up for instant access to your welcoming gift.  Become certified in Usui Holy Fire Reiki - Level One practitioner Training and certification. *I am here to support your journey all the way through to certify you.  Just let me know if you need support.
Keia Lavine, 
Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master/ Advanced Reiki Technique Teacher Trainer. 

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