Awaken your wild
Wild Rising Wild Feminine Alchemy.

This is the Wild Rising

A year of deepening into the wild feminine alchemy, a path of conscious creation, embodiment and expression!

Say yes to you and awaken your wild!

Unleash Your Full Potential & Transform Your Life with 
~Wild Rising ~ 
Wild Feminine Alchemy Course

Imagine waking up each day feeling grounded, connected, and aligned with the natural rhythms of nature. Picture yourself effortlessly tapping into your spiritual gifts, discovering new passions, and building a thriving business based on your unique strengths and values. With Wild Rising Membership, this is no longer just a dream, but a reality waiting to be realized.

Through powerful virtual events centered on attuning to the mystical wisdom of the Moon, interactive guidance, ongoing content, and community support, you will develop a deep understanding of your energy and intuition, and learn how to harness your power to create a life you love. 

Join Wild Rising Membership and live a life of purpose, abundance, and joy. Your tribe is waiting for you! 

Wild Rising is a path for conscious women, entrepreneurs, intuitive, empaths, and alpha warrior women.  This is a journey for those who crave a deeper and richer life, grounded in presence, transformed in spirit, and ready to reconnect to their feminine power.  Tap into your inner medicine, grow the garden of your soul, and find the place of peace within.  

Develop a spiritual path taught by an experienced and initiated medicine woman who has done the work, where you will receive teachings and support you will NOT find ANYWHERE ELSE BUT HERE. 
It is time to BLOOM and create a life that you love. 

Come breathe, move, dance, and express as is your sovereign design and nature. Share in the practices of wild feminine alchemy through inspirational content and connection to other wild-hearted women, intent on creating a conscious and prosperous life of expressive vitality.

Elevate Your Life with Wild Rising 
Join an exclusive community of like-minded individuals on a journey to tap into their full potential. With the Elite Wild Rising Membership, you'll have access to exclusive teachings and practices to help you align with nature's cycles, awaken your spiritual gifts, and thrive in all areas of life.

Wild Rising offers a unique blend of somatic practices, entrepreneurial development, and spiritual alchemy, tailored specifically for individuals seeking an enriching, inspiring and transformational experience. 

With live virtual events, a private app, and personalized coaching, you'll receive the support and guidance you need to ignite your gifts and create a life you love.

Deeply grounded, confident, and in tune with your purpose... Wild Rising is about sovereignty and freedom. Learn cyclical alignment, the power of a quantum structural tension as the secret to creation, and explore the path of wild feminine alchemy to dedicate time to joy, prosperity, and fulfillment. That's the way of the Wild Rising.  And your tribe is waiting for you with this Elite Membership. Don't wait, elevate your life today.  The time for your rising is now.

All you have to do is sign up and show up."

-it's as simple as that. 

Something sacred happens when women gather in the circle

What's included?
  • Tribe membership
  • Private App
  • Private Chat Room
  • Weekly Calls
  • Conscious Entreprenuer Course 
  • 7 Day Vision Quest Deep Dive Journey
  • 7 Delightful Smoothie Recipes
  • 7 Cleansing Dinner Recipes
  • 12 Month Moon Medicine Course
  • Monthly Moon Wisdom Circle
  • Wild Heart Monthly Blog
  • Replay Library
  • Planting Seeds Meditation 
  • and yes .... More.

Abundance is the way of the wild feminine...

About the facilitator

Hello, I am Keia Lavine. 
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Energy Medicine Specialist, and Initiated Medicine Woman.  

I was once told that if you can't find the space where all of you is accepted, then go and create the space you seek.  That is precisely what I did. I created wild rising as a circle that is inclusive, that is real, celebrates diversity, and ambition, and gets a little wild every now and then.  

As a spiritual guide, I have been helping women tap into their inner wisdom and awaken their spiritual gifts for the past 7 years. Through my signature moon circles, workshops, and alchemy teachings, I offer a rich and transformative experience designed for individuals seeking personal growth and connection. 

Join me on this journey and elevate your life.
I believe that there is something sacred that happens in the circle of women gathering together to experience and share. It is here that we cultivate, craft, and create a new way of being. We are the Wild Rising!

What people are saying
Hear from others that have worked with Keia

"When I saw what people typically charge for a course of this nature my jaw dropped to the floor. I feel like the luckiest person.... like I found a little hidden gem.” 
- Carly R.
Client & Student (7 Moons) 

"Keia goes all in with everything she does! She openly shares her gifts and talents to serve others. She is amazing and her space is magical. She has created a sacred, safe environment for healing and transformation. In my experiences, I feel seen, understood, and supported in a way that helps me move through my fear and do the work. I have so much gratitude and appreciation for her and her work."
- Dawn F., 
Client & Wild Rising Member

"She is powerful in the work she does and I would recommend her for even the most fragile of healing circumstances. Keia is amazing and I will continue to work with her on this path. Thank you Sak Nikte. ”
-Sophie H.
Client & Student (Seven Moons)

Wild Rising is a Wild Feminine Alchemy Course that Guides Women into a deep rewilding of the body, mind, and heart.  A gathering of conscious women who are developing a spiritual path towards more expressive and full living.  

Come alive again and awaken your wild.  Gather in the Moon Circles, or join the full ongoing course, with live events for wild feminine alchemy. Let your hair down, and throw "proper" to the door.  It is time to let your wild heart free, to be seen, held, and honored for all that you are.  

There is true magic when a tribe of women comes to find alignment with the natural rhythms of life and develop sisterhood through a common love for the Moon and determined entrepreneurship. 
Your tribe is waiting for you. 

Copyright Wild Moon LLC, Keia Lavine