Sacred Ceremony

 The path of the medicine
Sacred Ceremony is for those ready to journey deep into their consciousness, heart, and spiritual realm to receive healing, messages, and insight working with natual medicines.  It is a journey into consciousness that can powerfully shift, transcend and reconnect you to the sacredness of your experience.  Through ceremony and integration work I will guide you to your heart for embodiment, connection, and deeper consciousness to live a conscious life filled with creation.  

Awaken from the dream and step into consciousness

The Journey

I was once told that the longest journey we will ever take is traveling that journey of 12 or so inches from the mind into the heart-centered life we were designed for. 
My work takes private sessions far deeper than a typical holistic & therapeutic session.  It is a ceremonial journey into your heart and into the depths of your being to unlock your authentic self and unravel the energetic binds that have been holding you back.  This is the journey that will matter most.  
Sacred Ceremony is held with the greatest of honor as we journey into consciousness of the heart.  This ceremony is for deep work in the path of medicine, for those seeking shift, support, transformation, empowerment, and consciousness.  If you are feeling the call to the ceremony, then you must book a consult to screen, schedule you and prepare you. 

What Is the Journey? 
To “journey” is to work with me in a private ceremonial setting/session for deep one-on-one spiritual cleansing, healing, and awakening. 

What happens during the process?
The process of the journey is to work together to support the balancing of the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms within you.  To psychosomatically uncover unconscious wounds and deep-rooted seeds of pain, illusions and shadows that are ready to be seen.  To bring this to light where the unseen can be seen. Together we will work together to clear your energy body of any unwanted densities and energies and then begin the process of reclamation to open yourself to empowered living. 

One of the most powerful ways to come back to oneness is to work with a xaman, curandera, or healer within a sacred ceremony. Some ceremonies are inclusive of energy medicine, and ancient modalities like Fire & Water Ceremonies, Vision Quest, and the Sweat Lodge. To work with sacred plants through medicine ceremonies is something that has been practiced since the beginning of humankind. 

As an initiated Medicine Woman and Currendera, my work is to provide a sacred and safe space to guide you into the journey of your heart for powerful healing, and spiritual, and energetic cleansing, awakening, and remembrance. 

Why is a journey good for me? 
Often times in this path of spirituality and awakening, there are many shadows, traumas, fears, habits, conditions, and behaviors that continue to make you feel stuck.  This ceremonial work is purposed to help you look right into the eyes of these shadows and bring love there for full integration, release, cleansing, and healing.   

Each person has different goals, ideals, and desires; some people want to feel empowered, some people want to cleanse, some people want to sit with medicine for awakening and leveling up, and some people want to go to the next level through energy medicine and psychic work. 

What is included in the Journey? 
The journey is always spiritually and intuitively led.  Start with a phone consultation to discuss your intentions in detail.  
Private Journeys are inclusive of some or all of the following in an integrated flow;
Drumming & Singing, Chant
Herbal cleansing
psychic & medium work, 
Shadow work
holistic support,
trauma therapeutic, 
breath and energy medicine.  
working with alternative medicines, 
sound and vibrational therapies
channeling and trance work.

How do I schedule a journey? 
To begin you will schedule an appointment for the initial consultation where we will discuss a bit about your process and get clear on your intentions.  This call is to get clarity on what you are seeking and screen to see if you are ready for this work. If you are invited to the journey, and ready to commit, we will schedule your journey and you will receive an email with specific preparations, dietary guidance, and other vital information to know how to best prepare for the ceremony. 

All of life is ceremony and you are the sacred.

The Heart

The passion and drive that I have in this path are to witness a person begin to embody their potential, and their empowerment and to witness true healing take place.  As an initiated Medicine Woman and Currendera I have been guiding these sacred containers for years and know the power of working with medicines.  They aren't the answer but they are the family of teachers and helpers that are here to help us in this journey. 
 Although my work takes me largely into group ceremonies and retreats… One of my greatest works is to offer private ceremonial work for individuals who are ready to go deeper. This work is profound and much more than just an experience.  Let's help you shift and walk into embodied expression from your authentic self so that you can stop giving your precious life force over to the healing process and remember who you really are. 

Often times in this path of spirituality and awakening, there are many shadows, traumas, fears, habits, conditionings, and behaviors that continue to make you feel stuck.  (I know this because I have personally experienced it).  My work takes me into working one on one with you to help you look right into the eyes of these shadows.   Working with shamanic and ancient practices of ceremony, Medicines, Breath, Meditation, Psychic Medium abilities, and Powerful Energy Medicine, I support you in finding insight and cleansing your energy field and using psycho-spiritual therapeutic conversation to untie the "knots" in the consciousness.  

This journey and integration work is a powerful catalyst and bridge to measurable change in your life.  I help you develop your gifts, to hone them, and truly embody your essences in a balance of both Masculine and Feminine Energies…. 
Each person has different goals, ideals, and desires; some things people journey for are: To feel empowerment, To cleanse, For awakening and Homeostasis, and Ancestral karmic clearing, some people want to develop their spiritual gifts, some people want to release, cleanse and clear old stagnant energies, contracts, and darkness that has been in their life.

  Whatever your goals and intentions are… They are perfect and welcome.  

Journey Sessions & Ceremonies, typically last 2-5 hours depending on the flow and needs of the client. 
*All private ceremonies are in person only.  If you have been feeling the call to the ceremony, then know that you are here reading these words for a reason, and It is my honor to support you in this way. 

With so much honor. I look forward to supporting your journey. 

Your journey begins now

Want to know more?

When you book your consultation we will open space for you to share in detail what you are seeking and what has been coming up for you in your life.  Together we will get clear on your intentions, and how to support your path, and then we can schedule your journey to go deeper.  You will still receive energy medicine, guidance, and spiritual support in the consultation.

You are the Sacred

Hello beloved, 
My name is Keia Lavine, initiated and named Sak Nikte’, I am a Medicine Woman, Currendera, and Moondancer of the Danza Chicuatlimetzli (The dance of the Night Eagle).  

Many would say coming to a ceremony is life-changing.  Ceremony to me is all of this life, each and every breath.  Sometimes in this great ceremony we are invited to connect to the different realms and dimensions within to awaken new layers of our innate spiritual gifts.  We are the unfolding of magic, mystery, and spirit at all times in this creation.  Sometimes, we are still "asleep" on some levels of consciousness, and have yet to connect to the sacred space within, due to needing a little support from teachers, guides, and our own process of releasing the wounded perceptions we carry. 

Like a baby, from birth, we learn to breathe first, then see, and as we grow we begin to see more and more as our apeture develops and peripheal sight awakens, then the depth and perception.  We are all children here in many ways, in this beautiful cosmic playground, here to discover and remember who we really are and who we chose to be.  

Medicine and Ceremonies are not the answer to the questions you have, however, they are powerful guides and spirits that have been here long before us that gift us the ability to become more conscious.  This is so that we can remember that we are of this earth, little children, learning, and perhaps be a voice for our great mother and the nature  family that we are connected to. 

I offer public and private ceremonies for those ready to journey deep into the consciousness and create significant change and transformation in their lives.   I teach the art of ceremony to a select few, and am blessed to carry the wisdoms of 
 the spiritual path known as the Red Road. I carry teachings and medicines in the Anahuac, Lakota, Aztec, Yogic, & Mayan, traditions and have a flair for Alchemy and supporting the Rising Divine through Moon Wisdom teachings, Sound Medicine, and Sacred Ceremony. 

 As a see-er, and energy medicine healer, the inspiration for my work is my deep connection to and love for nature, the elements, and the cosmic mystery of the great spirit running through all of life.  My work is help you overcome the stories, trauma, experiences, addictions, confusion, pain, grief and habits that have held you back in life. My joy is witnessing you rise into a life of empowered and authentic living. 

I have been walking the Red Road since 2005, working with alternative and holistic medicines since 2014, holding sacred ceremonies since 2016, and initiated in 2018/19 as a Medicine Woman (Xamana), working with power plants known as the shamanic guardians.  I host in-depth ceremonies, retreats and courses working with shamanic practices, energy medicine, and several sacred ancestral plant medicines. 
I also offer transformational spiritual development courses, such as 7 moons, public group workshops and host retreats.  It has been the greatest honor and journey of my life to offer sacred ceremonies both in group and individual settings all over the Americas and to share the sacred wisdom teachings passed on to me by my elders and spirit.  I look forward to sharing this sacred path with you.   
Keia Lavine
 What are you waiting for?

Group Ceremony Experience:

Ceremonies include guided facilitation, preparation, diet, energy medicine clearing, therapeutic guidance (focus with trauma and shadow healing), breathwork, and oftentimes can include homework to go deeper.  The ceremony is held in an intimate setting with ceremony guidance, instruction, music, and energy medicine facilitation.  All ceremonies are considered the most sacred gathering and held in the highest regard of honoring the spirit of medicine and soul healing.  It is in fact a birthing process… A re-birthing.  Please come with humility and honor to the entire ceremonial process.  
Group ceremonies are accompanied by apprentice medicine people to help hold the container and assist in your healing. Ceremonies often include some or more of the following; music, song, drumming, rattles, silence, sage, incense, altar, oils, and other supportive elements and medicines. Ceremonies may also include touch and hands-on assistance to you during the process to ensure your safety, comfort, and support of your process.   
As I am an initiated and trained Medicine Woman and Currendera, I have received the appropriate blessings, permissions, and wisdom necessary to hold an authentic and integral space. I am happy to introduce you to my teachers and shamans that have initiated and blessed me.  All shamanic work with me is done with the highest integrity and is inclusive of screening, preparation, ceremony, and a deeply supported integration process. 

It is my greatest honor to hold a sacred space for your journey and to witness you rise.

You are the medicine 

Find the right medicine for you

Hapeh Medicine 

Peru and Columbian lands activate our senses with this powerful medicine that helps us to rebirth, cleanse and clear.  Recharge the senses and activate the jaguar energies within through supportive assistance for keen sight, olfactory, and taste… Wash the dirt from the spirit body and become one with nature.

Kambo medicine  

Kambo is an Amazonian Medicine known to be a purgative.  Through ceremony you will clear old energy and support your bodies immunity to sickness. An amazing way to support your process of restoration, reclamation, and balancing the subtle body, mind, and heart energies.  If you are interested in a sacred journey with Kambo to find deep cleansing then reach out for consultation.

Dreamweed / Mugwort Tincture

Scandinavia sings us a song of dreams and medicine with this powerful tincture.  A medicine that supports our deep dream work while gifting us powerful spiritual protection and the deepest cleansing of the body.  Connect within and to the dreamer, you are with the song of the Mother.  

Wisdom comes from experience 

do you or someone you know need immediate integration support? 
Are you needing immediate integration support for you or a friend?  I help and support anyone seeking assistance, even those who have self-administered, and those who have received medicinal experiences from others.  Reach out here to connect and I am happy to be of service.