You are the medicine.
Hello Wild Heart, 
I've been waiting for you.
There is a power hidden within you, I am here to guide you to that place to reclaim it. 

 Life is such a gift and it is the greatest honor to be in service to you.  I guide spiritual seekers, leaders, intuitive, and entrepreneurs into a deepened and authentic spiritual path.  I help you overcome the stories, pain, and trauma that hold you back from living to your fullest expression.  

I hold sacred containers for ceremonial work of the highest caliber and help you to integrate the experience through personal guidance, sessions, courses, online workshops, and in-person retreats.  Integration is about embodying the wisdom of experiences in all aspects of your life, work, service, and family. It is to become whole again and step into your power as a creator on this earth.  I guide you to find your authentic truth, get clarity, and direction and create a life of impact, and embodiment, with the accountability you need and the results you desire. 

My name is Keia Eden Lavine. I am an initiated Medicine Woman, Wisdom Keeper, and Moondancer of the Danza ChichuatliMetzli.  

I guide you on the journey that matters most, the journey into your heart. 

Wild Moon ~ The path of the Medicine

Wild Moon LLC
Wild Moon is a conscious educational platform that endeavors to globally ignite empowered skills, inspire a greater vision, and braid together science, spirit, and nature with shamanic wisdom through the teaching of authentic spiritual development and transformational alchemy.

Owner, creatrix, and host of Wild Moon ~ Keia Lavine mentors and guides people in the path of Medicine.  Keia Lavine has been in devoted service to the awakening process since 1998.  She has developed several movements to facilitate community through the creation of events, fundraisers, nonprofit movements, public speaking, and teachings in the esoteric, Shamanic, and metaphysical realms. 

Wild Rising, 7 Moons, Wild Essence, Wild Woman Project New Moon Circles, Sound Ceremonies, Reiki Trainings, Psychic development courses, and more are just a few of her creations that have facilitated awakenings in communities.  She spends her free time, studying, reading, creating, dancing, painting, and making various natural medicines such as Blue Lotus, Mugwort Tincture, Herbal Supplements, and Sananga, and developing content for the growing online Shamanic Alchemy School named “Wild Moon ~ Path of the Medicine~ 

Wild Moon was formed originally as the business named Holistic Health NV. in 2016 by Keia Lavine  This service provided holistic health offerings to the community along with transformational courses, yoga teacher training, and New Moon circles for women that facilitated empowerment and connection.  

Over the years and as Keia’s initiatory experiences deepened, she began offering sacred medicines and private shamanic experiences and transformed her business to reflect the aspects of life that she felt deeply inspired by.  She guides people to connect to the wild nature all around us and allows it to be the greatest teacher of connecting to our own wild nature that has been abandoned by modern life.  

Reclaiming the wild nature within, and aligning with the mysteries of the Moon.  She was blessed to receive indigenous medicine initiations, to carry the Temazcal, sacred plant and animal medicines, and to apprentice as curandera with the chief of the Moondance. As she traveled the south Americas and worked with several indigenous teachers, she deepened her commitments, and disciplines to develop herself as the living medicine of her potential… 

She now is honored to facilitate awakening and activating people's spiritual gifts through her various offerings of facilitated ceremonial events.  
Through the work of learning over the last several years, she began to develop her online school that offered in-depth transformational training along with shamanic rites and wisdom teachings. She now facilitates training, empowerment teachings, and certifications in the alternative arts of alchemy, reiki, yoga, meditation, vibrational therapies, and more.  

The path of medicine is a shamanic path known as the Red Road.  It is the path from the head to the heart.  And Keia’s mission is to help facilitate awakening, remembrance, and rising for those who seek to live a life connected to the sacred.  She intends to lead others back to their own hearts to reestablish the connection to mother earth.  Her intention is so that we, as humanity can once again walk in balance, right relationship, and harmony as stewards of our Mother.  She supports awareness of indigenous rights, lands, and wisdom, and is a voice for children, elders, and those battling Trauma and PTSD. 

She offers powerful integration coaching, natural medicines that she handcrafts such as blue lotus, mugwort, and Sanaga as well as extended certification training courses that are foundational to transformation but also provide the necessary skills for one to become a practitioner in the alternative arts.  

Over the years she has grown into an incredible woman that has empowered countless others and facilitated medicine circles and private journeys all across the North and south Americas, that deeply help one to release and recover from trauma, anxiety, depression, ancestral wounds, and life experiences that have caused suffering.  

She continues to inspire, create and offer her gifts through sacred ceremonial experiences of sound healing, group medicine ceremonies, facilitated private journeys, and offerings of her medicinal creations, integration coaching, transformational courses and reteats.  

I guide you on the most important journey you'll ever take... 
the journey into your heart. 

I guide spiritual seekers into the heart for the clarity and direction they need to build a life of heart-centered consciousness, empowered with impact, ease, and fun.   I teach leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, speakers, intuitive, psychics, medicine people, empaths, and healers how to find their authentic truth, align their life, turn pain into power, activate gifts, and build a conscious business and rewrite their story so that they can thrive, lead, and share without the confusion, overwhelm and stress that holds them back.    
Hello Wild One, 
My name is Keia Lavine and I am on a mission to create a legacy for future generations.  

I believe in stewardship of this earth and that we are the ancestors of the next 7 generations.  These are sacred times and the great warriors of this planetary shift are here to awaken, ignite and rise.  

I have walked in service since my young youth, seeking to share the visions and wisdom I am shown.  I am here to help guide the way for you during your awakening process and to help you activate and hone your gifts. 
I am here to guide and support you so that you can step fully into a life of conscious, heart-centered living.  Your message and gifts are necessary to be actualized so that humanity can shift into the empowered, integrated leaders that are awakened, ignited, and ready to rise as authentic, embodied, and empowered spiritual leaders in conscious entrepreneurship. 

I acknowledge that we are in a great shifting of human consciousness and beginning to remember who we are and exploring our vast potential.  

I believe you are more powerful than you know and that having a guide to see you for all that you are and support your life can be profound. 

I am not a guru, I am not the answer, I am not any better than you, nor any less.  

I have hard days and habits, and I feel things ever so deeply.  

I am not here to create followers, rather I am here to inspire the leader within you to rise.  

I am here to guide you on HOW to rise with the gift I have... 

A perspective that is not influenced by the TRENDS and NORMS.  

A perspective that is found in facing the evils and darkness head-on and the wisdom of how to navigate through it all; in all realms of spirit, psyche, emotion, heart, and truth. 

I am unconventional and yet a necessary medicine here to awaken you fully and empower you. 

You have a message inside of you, a dream, a vision, a significant and necessary medicine meant to be shared during your time here on earth. 
That is waiting to be actualized, and my mission is to help you create and actualize that dream into a created reality.  

I believe humanity needs to dream to support a forward momentum and that the power of our dreams can actually save the world. 

 I personally believe we have a responsibility of stewardship for this earth and that we are the ANCESTORS of the next seven generations.  

It is time for us to collectively step up into who we are meant to be so that we can actually live a life we love while being in service for a greater and collective mission.   

I am 
I am also trained 
I am skilled 
I am certified
I did the work 
to be ready for you.  

You have a big purpose here and I am here to guide you to it. 

I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Energy Medicine Specialist, Psychic Medium, and Initiated Medicine Woman.  
I am a Yoga Teacher, a Minister, a Mother, and a Meditation and Breathwork Facilitator.  

I am extensively credentialed in Holistic Therapies and experienced in both Business Management, and Entrepreneurialism and innately acquainted with spiritual dimensions, realms, and gifts which bring a unique balance to what I teach.  

But I am way more than that.  

I believe that I am spirit, mind, soul, and emotion.  I am energy in human form, medicine, both finite and infinite, precious, and potent. 

I am here for a time to help this initiation of the spiritual warriors on this planet.  
To share, guide, teach, lead, and inspire...This is what I am called to bring each and every day.  

Because you are here and you are ready. 

Your message is needed, your heart and gifts are medicine.

I am also here to live and create, and experience.

I have suffered...


But I have learned how to alchemize pain, suffering, and trauma into medicine.   

It's what I do. 

Medicine is what I am.

My language is spiritual, esoteric, metaphysical, imagery, and feeling... because it's poetic to my heart's expression.  

However, I will clearly and concisely help you shift your life with swift work and articulate language of sciences. 

My heart is cosmic and the wild untamed nature that seeks to grow and express for this mission, for play, for creation, for expression... 

I cannot clearly tell you who I am rather, I AM experiencing and expressing myself.  

My life experiences give me more credentialing than the many certificates in all the modalities I've learned...

You see, knowledge is not experienced, and will only go so far.  

Integration brings wisdom.
This is alchemy...

WISDOM comes from the embodiment of that knowledge, and embodiment isn't quite understood on a collective level yet.  

This is where I will always stand out. 

I am embodied, sometimes misunderstood, sometimes triggering, but always honest and undeniably here to ignite something new within you.

And even potentially on this planet. 

Through every endeavor, I lead, teach, and inspire heart-centered living and conscious entrepreneurialism.

 Through coaching, courses, and content; I bring a connection to knowledge and actualization of the power we have as creators. 

I share the wisdom learned through my connection to nature, spirit, elders, teachers, lineages, paths... and, of course, presence.

I share to bridge the gap between the realms of science, spirit, nature, and the quantum. 

the truth...

I teach from the heart, you found me for a reason. 

Your heart is medicine. and with the greatest currency of all... 
Life experience,

I will show you the way...

It is an honor to finally meet you. I've been praying that you would find me... so that I could guide you -to finally find yourself. 

You are not alone. 

You are medicine.
you are necessary to the evolution of this planet.  

I can speak your language. 

I can hold your space

I dare you to believe in yourself. 

I will love you before you are ready.

Whether you answer the call now or later, 

that calling that you feel deep inside is clear... 

You would not have found me otherwise. 

I am hidden from those that are not meant to see me. 

I am medicine

You are medicine meant to heal a sick world. 


You can transform the world within. 

turn pain into power

trauma into transformational wisdom

Turn venom into medicine...

This is the power of creation and the alchemical magic of deep spiritual work on the inner world.  This inner world,

Is the world we see when we are ready. 

it is not easy, this is not a quick fix or a magical pill, it is a path and journey into consciousness... the journey into your heart to see your authentic self. 

Are you ready to begin this journey? 

I will guide you to the door, I will help you unlock that door, but you have to walk through... I can only show you the way... 

but YOU must take this journey with your own effort.

and when you do, I will match your effort
with support, tools, skill, accountability, and reflection.  

I guide you on the most important journey you will ever take, 

A journey into alchemy of  

Medicine Woman
"Consciousness, Healing, Embodiment, Transformation, Clarity, Surrender, Releasing"... 
These are the intentions that people share when coming to journey in a ceremony. 
I help you find what your looking for by remembering who you are. 

My skills include:
  • Somatic Breath & Pranayama Teaching
  • Currendera / Shamanic Healing 
  • Sacred Feminine Alchemy Facilitator
  • Vibrational Therapy & Sound Healing
  • Energy Medicine Specialization
  • Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master/ART Teaching
  • Vipassana Meditation Instruction
  • Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
  • Bhakti & Akhanda Shakti Yoga CYT1380/  ERYT500
  • Wild Rising Moon Circle Facilitation
  • Natural Healing Therapies 
  • Ceremonialist / Medicine 

I am a woman of the wild feminine, guide for the spiritual warriors, the wild and wolf-like women that roam... I am a medicine woman and bring the sacred medicines of the darkness that bloom the wild jasmine and ylang-ylang under the moon.  I embody the Ixcheal, the violet night sky, and the wild owl wisdom.  I am of fino-ugric descent as well as Egyptian, Celtic, greek, and more.  I am a barefoot wanderer of the night forest floors and the shapeshifting sort that morphs between the wild cats and the winged ones.  I protect, hunt, and dazzle the darkness with starlight authenticity.  I am a Moondancer with the Danza Chicuatlimetzli, and Owner and Founder of Wild Moon.  My work is that of the psychic nature, ceremony, death doula, and supporting women moving through the ceremonies of healing, awakening, grief, and medicine.  
About Keia Lavine's Work
Alchemy of Dreams

She teaches alchemy as a path of hands-on, self-actualized transformation, experienced through radical, permissive expression, and her unique soul-mapping process of seven dimensions. She shows you how to activate and use those "hidden" spiritual gifts, and develop your business through strategic, cyclical & seasonal alignment for metamorphosis you can feel, touch, see, and experience in presence.   

Whether you seek to recover from trauma, grief, anxiety, or depression, or you're looking for support with entheogenic medicine ceremonies, or integration coaching, Keia offers authentic sacred wisdom teachings passed down from indigenous nations and extensive clinical training for your healing and spiritual development. She also has a cosmic ability to help you see your own truth.
With her gifts as a see-er, clinical training, passion for quantum science, business management experience, and work as a trained Currandera and Medicine Woman, she offers a unique combination of ancient wisdom, holistic therapeutics, and modern science that is necessary to help you transform suffering into personal empowerment and create a conscious heart-centered life you love.

Her every endeavor is to inspire heart-centered, awakened conscious entrepreneurs that will grasp the responsibility of our time and the necessity of stewardship.  Through courses, retreats, and ceremonial experiences that bring a connection to your power as a creator and help you integrate the realms of science, spirit, nature, and the quantum to become the very essence of medicine to this world


Public Speaking 

Speaking is less about information and more about transformation…

Hi, My name is Keia Lavine and I help you discover your inner potential by speaking about nature being your greatest teacher and how to make medicine out of the pain you have experienced in this life. 

Hire me for your next event: 

  • Conventions, 
  • Retreats,
  • Fests & Summits,
  • Panels, 
  • Conventions, 
  • Business Meetings,
  •  High Schools, 
  • Colleges, and more. 

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