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Message Map
Messaging for the business

What I do. 
I guide leaders, healers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and seekers in the personal and spiritual development industry into a heart-centered, and expressive life of clarity, and service, with the impact and income they desire, through a unique 7-step process that supports spiritual development, empowerment, and conscious business development that matters.
I guide spiritual seekers, healers, professionals, and conscious entrepreneurs into a path of spiritual development, empowered transformation, and conscious business development. 

I guide spiritual seekers, leaders, healers, and professionals into the journey that matters most,  The Journey Into the heart...


Right Fit Client
I guide spiritual seekers, healers, leaders, professionals, and conscious entrepreneurs into a path of empowered transformation and conscious business development Speaker, coach, author, course creator, and influencer.

through a seven-step process known as the seven structures of alchemy. 
I guide spiritual seekers, healers, and conscious entrepreneurs into transformational spiritual development and the art of ceremonial life.  

Demographic & Psychographics
what keeps them up at night, how they numb, what their stress is their inner struggle suffer, stories, pain, deep hope, desire, and more. 

5 w's of digital advertising
Who is the target demo? 
What is keeping them up at night (aka pain points) 
What assets can be leveraged to communicate that effectively? 
Where are they hanging out and can I customize the messaging/ creatives based on the platform 
When do I want them to be exposed to my brand
why should they care about my brand ads/ creatives? 

My Big Why - 
My Big Why Is because I have spent years in pain, suffering, and trauma, then spent years of my life “healing” I know there is a better way Because I know what it is like to know you have inner potential that is untapped and you are watching the time pass you by as you continue to exist, survive, and make ends meet.  
My why is because I want to live a life of impact and income, time and freedom, and most of all experience more of this life.  

Raving Fan Deliverables
CLARITY of purpose, vision, and mission for life
Spiritual DEVELOPMENT and certification in alternative /holistic modalities..
EMPOWERMENT for authentic heart-centered living
IMPACT in Business Development for Impact and Income
RESULTS Accountability and Support! 
EMBODIMENT Integration

1. Clarity of Vision, Purpose, and Mission
  • Get clarity on your purpose and shift your life in 1 simple practice so that you can stop playing small and avoid the biggest mistake in manifestation practices. =envisioning.
  • Learn the hidden steps of alchemy that are necessary to create the life you desire, and avoid the biggest mistake in manifestation practices.
  • Learn the 3 hidden steps to alchemizing your dreams and creating a life you choose, and avoid the biggest mistake in manifestation practices. 
  • Learn the hidden magic of crafting a dream for yourself and actualize that dream to experience the joy you seek. = Dream
  • Clearly craft a vision for your life with a powerful technique 

2. Spiritual Development and certification in alternative holistic modalities
  • Get trained and certified in essential holistic modalities to support your spiritual Based business without getting overwhelmed with knowledge and discover the secret that will empower every area of your life.
  • Learn the secrets of grounded presence that conveys sovereignty without feeling imposter syndrome and discover foundational practices that are foundational to personal and spiritual development. 

3. Personal Empowerment & heart-centered living (Through Focus & Igniting Gifts)
  • Discover your hidden "spiritual gifts" to empower your life so that insecurities fade and discover the one thing that will shift your perspective on "healing" forever. 
  • Activate hidden spiritual talent and stop playing small and discover the one thing that will shift your understanding of healing forever
  • Shift your life in one simple practice so that you can step into your authentic voice and the secret to messaging. 
  • Ignite your hidden spiritual gifts you never knew were there so that you can step into empowerment and begin to trust yourself again.
  • The way to feel personal empowerment no matter what is happening.   = focus

4. Spiritual Business Development and/or Conscious service

  • Learn the hidden secret to a successful, spiritual-based business and demystify the complication of marketing and the one thing even leaders in the industry get wrong.
  • Learn the single most effective skill to align your your time
  • Develop your spiritually-based business with this simple technique so that you stop giving your power away and the hidden truth about marketing that holds you back.
    The most important skill for impact in your spiritually based business without overworking yourself and the one trap that holds your genius back. 
  • The single most effective tool to align your time and energy so that you can finally have the balance and impact you need in your personal and professional life and the one thing leaders in the industry still missing.
  • Authentic ways to increase sales without disconnected marketing tactics and the one key to heart-centered sales.  
    The 3 secrets to attracting loyal customers who love to spend money with you even if you don't have your messaging & offer completely ready. 

     5. Accountability / Stewardship /FOCUS
  • Reclaim, Redefine, & Rewrite the stories that hold you back and step into your power with sacred wisdom teachings of the medicine Wheel for transformative shifts you can see  
  • Reclaim, Redefine, & Rewrite the stories that hold you back and step into your power with 3 foundations of embodiment for powerful psycho-spiritual reset. 
  • Learn the one most important hidden secret to aligning your energy and schedule so that you can have the impact and energy your meant to wiithout complicated having aliimpact for a successful home and business as a conscious entrepreneurs ,

6. Embodiment and/ OR integration 
  • Discover the 3 foundations of integration to experience tangible embodiment and avoid the trap of self-sabotage that even leaders get caught in.
  • Get unstuck and turn anxiety into the magical key to unlock your gifts without getting overwhelmed with to-do's and create a life empowered as a predominant creative force. 
  • Understand the power of verbal alchemy so that you stop hidden self-sabotage and reclaim your voice for embodied expression. and let your voice be heard. 

Fears (pain points) 
to empower your life so that fear no longer imprisons you  
do not know who they are or what they want
seeking inspiration and hope 

Hooks (these are options) 
Without getting overwhelmed 
and the one way to stop self-sabotage
the one thing leaders in the industry still missing
the single most important _____  that ________ will not tell you 
The One thing you must never do 
The one mistake that_____________
Without breaking the bank 
even if you dont have time and money. 
one trap that keeps you stuck.
the unspoken truth about healing

RFC = Outcome = deliverable 
>>----->  Fear / Challenge Hook 

  1. Pain point 
    • I feel stuck 
    • giving your power away
    • major shifts without a foundation to stand on 
    • I want to let go of my anger
    • I want to make a difference in my life
    • I don't know what I want 
    • I am busy, stressed, and feeling anxiety
    • I know that I can do better if overwhelmed 
    • I know that I am meant for more but I just can't seem to figure it out
    • I am tired in the soul 
  2. Outcomes 
    • I want to feel emotionally stable, 
    • I want to feel empowered, deliverable
    • I am not sure what I want or need 
    • I want more out of life 
    • I am struggling to find balance in my life 
    • more satisfaction 
    • more life
  3. Case Studies
    1. Jeff had been to doctors, therapies, and classes for over 20 years stuck in his marriage, self-medicating and numbing with alcohol and drugs.  Eating poorly, his health and mental and emotional stamina was decreasing and he was getting sick and feeling alone all of the time.  Feeling the pressure of mortality and now knowing that he didn't have much time left he tried ketamine therapy and was referred to my service.  Through the ceremonial process, integration work and subsequent sessions Jeff finally filed for divorce finding that the split was welcomed and not the battle he was fearing, his heal increased, he shifted in his business, pursued his dream of hang gliding and decided to pursue his dream of travel and is now traveling China, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and just landed a job in partnership, traveling and working abroad.  
  4. Objections 
    • I don't want to make content
    • I don't like technology
    • I am not sure about the group thing
    • let me see if I can come up with the money
    • Trust comes from integrity and authenticity. Trust can’t be taught
    • I just can't find the time
      1. This is the way you will find the time
      2. You will save time by learning how to schedule your calendar
      3. you will save time by decluttering your mind and desk. 

I will teach you the structure of quantum
The single most important technique to 
how to develop a conscious, spiritually based business 
The art of ceremony
I teach you energy medicine 
I help you untie the knots you have put around yourself. 

When teaching only 3-5 bullets of teaching.  And get clear on teaching,
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