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Hello Visionary,

“Keia Lavine, HHP., CM.I., CHt.,
A visionary leader making an impact!

Keia is a visionary leader, transformational speaker, and holistic health practitioner dedicated to unleashing the full potential of entrepreneurs and professionals in Visionary Leadership.

With profound expertise in alternative medicines, coaching, teaching, and transformative practices, Keia is a revered mentor known for her empowering courses and training programs. Her true passion lies in educating, advocacy, and speaking engagements that have graced stages for esteemed organizations such as PCA, the Pinwheel Planting Ceremony, and the Nevada Chamber of Commerce.

Keia's calling is to awaken the 'visionary leader' within individuals. She empowers entrepreneurs to sharpen their focus, tap into their creative reservoirs, nurture visionary mindsets, and heal from past traumas. Her mission is to guide them in pursuing their passions, building thriving businesses, and transforming them into visionary leaders.

With her dynamic voice, Keia captivates audiences with profound insights on leadership, personal transformation, and holistic well-being. Through her transformative courses, workshops, and retreats, she has empowered countless individuals to break free from limitations, unlocking their potential for visionary leadership.

Keia's personal journey and deep empathic approach create a transformative space for unleashing inner potential. As a catalyst for positive transformation, she inspires and nurtures the visionary leaders of tomorrow."

Ignite Prosperity and Visionary Leadership in your business

Take your life and business to the next level through visionary leadership training.

30-Day Business Ignitor
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60-Day Rapid Growth Accelerator
8 weeks /Harnessing the power of leadership

90-Day Prosperity Builder 
A visionary leadership and refinement.

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