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Testimonial 1: 

“I have been offered many courses since beginning my spiritual journey and never found one that felt right until I was presented with 7 moons. I knew right from the introduction that I wanted to take this course. Keia’s heart came through so much with her words, I could instantly feel the heart, soul, wisdom, and knowledge she put into this course. Although it took me a while to commit due to logistics I finally said screw it, when is the ‘right time?’ I am finding it pretty early - 1 month into the program, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I have felt more growth in one month of this course than the 6 months I have spent on my healing journey. Keia teaches us that we are our own healers... and provides the guidance I was desperately seeking to ground, go deep, and open up.

This course is changing my life. When I saw what people typically charge for a course of this nature my jaw dropped to the floor. I feel like the luckiest person.... like I found a little hidden gem.”
— Carly Roberts

Testimonial 2: 

“My experience with Keia (Sak Nikte) has been indescribable. She fosters such a warm sense of welcome, safety, healing, and community through her work. She is a masterful facilitator of healing and growth and an absolutely beautiful human. I have always felt so seen and cared for in her hands. Whether through the preparation leading up to a ceremony, in the ceremony itself, or the integration afterwards. She is always there to answer questions, offer guidance, and help you through the process.

I can truly say my life has been greatly affected for the better through the work she offers. I hope to continue working with her for a long time to come and, from my very first experience with her, have wished everyone could experience the gifts she offers.

I’m reminded of the saying that when you are ready the path will reveal itself. When I was ready, it did, and she was waiting to guide me. And I will forever be grateful for her wisdom, grace, and guidance.
— Brendon Lund

Testimonial 3: 

“I have participated in a number of different sacred ceremonies with Keia and have benefited greatly from her spiritual experience, deep “claire” senses, and care. She communicates thoroughly before, and throughout each … to better understand my spiritual and emotional state prior, and to help me make sure it is the right experience and timing for me. She has always made me feel very safe, allowing me to surrender into each experience. Her attention to detail, love for each individual, and respect for the sacred nature of these ceremonies is very comforting. Keia is one of the very few I trust with this very important part of my journey! You are all amazing! I have no desire to journey elsewhere. ”
— James Nolan

Testimonial 4: 

“Keia has contributed to one of the most healing times of my life. To have her as a teacher and supporter during this transition brings me so much gratitude and honor. Her deeply caring heart and genuine approach to healing is what makes her unique. She brings so much laughter medicine with her and it helps bring ease and comfort to ceremony. She is powerful in the work she does and I would recommend her for even the most fragile of healing circumstances. Keia is amazing and I will continue to work with her on this path. Thank you Sak Nikte. ”
— Sophee Hillyard


“Keia is an amazing, compassionate and beautiful person. Her healing’s are so cleansing and make me feel stronger than ever after! If you are looking for someone who cares, then Keia is the one for you”
— Kimberly Stock


“Keia is an exceptional intuitive! Her psychic reading was very detailed, accurate and helpful. Love her energy and excitement for life!
— Gary Nelson


“Keia’s energy and passion is powerful. Her need to help others surpasses others. She is the best to have on your holistic journey to health.
— Rachel Schlingheyed


“I had an incredible session with Keia. She was so spot on with every aspect and I left the session feeling an incredible sense of confidence and direction. ”
— Kaela Joy


“Keia is a strong, knowledgeable, gifted and beautifully intuitive healer! Anyone who comes to visit her most definitely walks away with a positive change in their own being. All she offers is truly a gift”
— Marina Cordova


“Keia is an amazing Reiki practitioner. She is very insightful and powerful, sessions with her gave me a greater depth of understanding and healing.
— Tami Thompson


“Every experience I have had the absolute pleasure and honor to participate in with Keia Lavine and at Wild Moon Studio has been uplifting, profound, transformational, deeply heart-centered, and awe-inspiring. Thank you Keia for all that you do! Thank you to every single person who connects, facilitates, and joins in these events, and thank you to the community for stepping in and stepping up to growing together. I highly recommend getting involved in events offered and facilitated here. <3
— Melody Capri


“Vinyasa flow with Keia has been a transformative experience for me. Her approach to each class is so loving, supportive, non-judgmental and welcoming that I felt safe from the very first time I stepped on my mat. I HIGHLY recommend taking a class~ Keia has inspired me to embrace my human qualities and to incorporate more self care into my daily life! Next on my list: trying a Holy Fire Reiki session... ”
— Whitney Tiereny


“I was burnt out, exhausted with hustle culture and in desperate need of community and sacredness. Wild Rising was the answer to my prayers. The moon circles give me a way of re-aligning my life and checking in with myself as well as sharing an intimate circle with strong women who are willing to be vulnerable. Keia’s gift of speaking is always a balm to my soul and although I’ve experienced other spiritual teachers and similar work, Keia is the real deal. Her ability to transmute wisdom and offer medicine leaves me feeling full and gives me the clarity I need to continue living a life of wholeheartedness. I love Wild Rising and am honored to sit in ceremony with like minded sisters. I’m so grateful Keia continues to be called to this work and that I can be a witness and student of her teachings. 
-Violet Harris


“It's no exaggeration when I say that the loving healing space you so expertly created & held for me (and Lindsay of course) was the single most transformative experience of my life! It is a big reason why Lindsay and I have been able to shift our relationship and keep being in each others' lives. I didn't know how I could go from the personality I was before the ceremonies, to what I have access to now - and thanks to you and the medicine, I now know how this "new me" feels like and the lightness, celebration and strength that comes with it. It's a daily process, and I'm learning to surrender & trust each day, and I feel less and less resistance the more I exercise that muscle.
I'm sending you all my love and appreciation for what you offered me, and so many others. It's so needed and important what you do and I have only the highest respect for it!
Until we meet again! 
- Christof D.


"After admiring Keia’s work over the last several years I had always wanted to partake in her courses. Not being local to her area, I didn’t get the chance until now!  An alignment came for me to work with Keia through Wild Rising! 
 I now have an online tribe, online moon circles, meditation tools, a library of tools, and a connection that is meaningful and moving!  I love getting to participate on my schedule. I can always jump in when it works for me and as I need it. It also gives me such self care that is so convenient and thoughtful of my time - no more traveling or having to have life all together - a jump into a moon circle from the comfort of my own space!  
The experiences I’ve had with sisters in the Moon circles have been transformational. Joining Wild Rising has been an incredible boost in my life and I am excited to continue my Wild journey !” 
- Monique MURPHEY

I was introduced to Keia by my therapist after discussing plant medicine and whether it might help me make some changes for the better. I had moved to Nevada about a year ago mostly to be away from my failed marriage. Having stayed with my wife out of habit, guilt and fear, I felt very stuck in this relationship even though I had moved to a separate residence. Although I was
enjoying the outdoor beauty of the area, I wasn’t dreaming or growing or feeling much excitement in life.
Prior to meeting Keia I had tried various modalities with occasional breakthrough, but no lasting success. In private sessions, she helped me quickly focus on what I wanted for my life. And she also helped me realize some of what was holding me in my default pattern. When she observed that my behavior was similar to abused spouses, I thought it was funny at first, but
then realized it was true. Keia’s psychic traits combine with her many areas of study and expertise.

The plant medicine ceremony was a real breakthrough for me. Although I had experimented with psychedelics previously, having someone who has been trained by shamans and elders guide me was a truly amazing experience. After discussing with Keia, I made the choice to journey with Bufo, medicine from the Sonoran Desert Toad. I am grateful to the spirit of the Toad for showing beauty and helping me clear out negative energies that had stagnated in my body for a long time. This is powerful medicine, and besides Keia, there is no one I have ever met that I would trust to guide me through it.
The medicine ceremony allowed me to see the world with new eyes in full color and glory. 

It is sacred and I could feel this in my body. Each person will have his own experience, and I won’t try to describe mine in more detail other than to say it allowed a direct perception of reality unfiltered by the ego mind.
I recall Keia telling me that this experience should not be wasted, and that it would take effort on my part after the ceremony. I have tried to integrate the experience, and have developed a sense of gratitude for the medicine and the changes that have followed. 

The integration process was aided by private sessions and the coursework in the alchemy lessons contained in the “7 Moons” course. Examples of integration are purification of the body, nourishing the body, moving the body, journaling and mindfulness. I’m also writing, drawing and learning to play the harmonica. So, the experience of the ceremony is one thing, and the integration is another. One feeds into another and each must be understood on its own terms. I still have old patterns that hold me back, but I have changed a few patterns since working with Keia. For example, I chose to eat better and have lost some weight and inflammation that was a danger to my health. I’ve lost weight before, but this time was different in that the change in behavior came from a place of true choice. It felt easy and natural to make a different choice.

It’s been a few months now, and I feel confident this is a lifestyle change. Another clear example is my willingness to practice yoga regularly. I found a yoga studio near me that really suited me and I like to go there. I want to do yoga, rather than it being a chore.

Another pattern that I have interrupted is addiction. My compulsion to indulge in food, alcohol and drugs is much less that it was, and I feel more whole and complete. There are other changes , too. I found myself looking at nature and sometimes laughing for no particular reason. I really feel I have made a solid start on the Red Road even though it is daunting and there is a long way to go. 

The most dramatic change was my choice to finalize the divorce. This took a lot of work, as there were strong feelings of guilt within me and there were strong family relationship issues I had to sort through. Keia’s coaching helped me to use the tools of visioning to see beyond where I was stuck to a new, better life. Being in that desirable vision pulled me out of being stuck. I realized that dreading something is often worse that the something itself. Anyway, I took the action steps, and am now the divorce is in motion. I feel free now, and am carrying on with my own goals and desires. One of those desires involves travel, and in fact I am writing this from the lobby of a hotel in Saigon, Vietnam. 

As part of my integration, I realized that I am complete and I do have a heart. It’s easy to get lost in the world of things competing for our attention, but I do feel Keia’s intervention has led me to a grounded place of more strength and honesty. It’s important to me to be more resilient and able to weather the suffering and loss that the tides of fortune and misfortune may bring. 

Part of my journey is to be more fluid in thoughts and actions. Although life inevitable brings hardships, it seems that most of my suffering was unnecessary. I try to integrate by being aware of my thoughts, surroundings and actions throughout the day. I do this by being mindful of my breath and body. Grounded in and nurturing this new found awareness, I am learning to make true choices and create a good life that is my life.
Dear Reader, if you have followed my somewhat rambling story this far, I would like to suggest that if you need help putting some of your tools to use in changing your life, as I did, give Keia a try. I have encountered many modalities and teachers in my long life, and I can say without reservation, she is the real deal. She is a really good teacher, who can apply what she has
learned from the many sittings, ceremonies and experiences she has had with her elders and teachers. You won’t be disappointed! Go for it.
Jeff C, Stateline, NV.

Testimonial 03/10/23  Hi there! It's been such a long time since we last spoke, but I couldn't help but reach out to you after recently stumbling upon you on the internet. Your journey and incredible resilience through life's challenges is truly inspiring. Seeing how far you've come and how happy and healthy you look today brought me so much joy. I watched a few of your YouTube videos, and I must say, you are an incredible motivational speaker! Your words have touched so many people, including me. It's amazing to see the impact you've made on so many lives. It's been nearly two decades since we last saw each other, and it's incredible to think about all the experiences and growth we've both gone through since then. Life can be a long and winding road, but as a Buddhist for the past six years and nine years clean, I've come to understand that everything happens for a reason. Seeing where you are now is a testament to that. It's amazing to think that we first met 26 years ago, and now I work at Truckee Meadows Community College, just 200 feet from where we first met at Willow Springs. Time flies, doesn't it? I hope this message finds you well and happy, surrounded by loved ones. You have no idea how much seeing your success has made my day. I just wanted to reach out and say hi, and let you know that you have inspired me in more ways than one. Keep shining your light, and I hope we can catch up soon.