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Medicine Woman, Keia Lavine., HHP., CHt., C.Mi. 

A path of medicine and heart
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Awaken your spiritual gifts, embody your potential, and find empowerment through igniting your conscious business in holistic therapies and shamanic practices. 

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I guide you on the journey that matters most... 

The journey into the heart.

I guide spiritual seekers, healers, professionals, and conscious entrepreneurs through personal healing journeys, and spiritual development as well as supporting those walking with entheogenic and psychedelic medicines. 

Receive experienced and expert-level, psychospiritual support and guidance to recover from anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, trauma, and energetic blocks that keep you stuck.
Keia Lavine, HHP., CHT., CMI., 500ERYT. 
Founder and Owner of Wild Moon LLC.
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner,
Energy Medicine Specialist & Medicine Woman

Journey into the sacred

Sacred Ceremony is one of the most profoundly impactful spaces for swift transformation, expanded consciousness, growth, and healing within the deepest realms.  Within Keia's ceremonial containers, you will be guided by an authentic initiated medicine woman who is experienced and highly skilled in both metaphysical and clinical holistic therapeutics.

  Keia provides integral experience with deep preparation, essential guidance that will help you feel both seen and held in the most nourishing way, and soul-enriching integration work that will shift your life into a heart-centered and embodied soul. 

Private Journeys, Group Ceremony, and Integration Coaching

Integration Coaching
Integration Coaching provides expert-level guidance for anyone on a path of consciousness, or spirituality, and supports those working with psychedelic or entheogenic medicines. 

Learn how to walk with medicines consciously and apply the wisdom of your experience to your life for true transformation that lasts.  Clear your path from trauma, grief, pain, fear, anxiety, and anger for good and finally align you with your highest purpose.  
You can schedule a private 1:1 integration coaching session here. 

Live Events & Retreats
The experience of alchemy and the wisdom of the moon

Experience the ultimate in spiritual growth and personal development through the live events hosted by Keia Lavine.
 New Moon Wisdom Circles~Women's Supportive Wild Feminine Alchemy Workshop,
Alchemy of Dreams~ 3 day online Live Virtual Deep dive into the process of soul alchemy,
& Monday Night Course Students Masterminds ~ Live Alchemy Lessons (students only). 

In these virtual live events, Keia Lavine teaches about alchemy and the transformation process, holistic practices, and the quantum structure of manifesting your dreams.  Dive deeper into understanding the metaphysical, spiritual, holistic and esoteric realms from Keia Lavine, and experienced teacher of the Alternative and Shamanic Arts.  

 Keia Lavine guides you to unlock your inner potential, explore ancient practices and cultivate a connection to your inner and outer world to help you reclaim and express your authentic self, and understand the power of your hidden and innate gifts. 

What others are saying

“I was burnt out, exhausted with hustle culture and in desperate need of community and sacredness. Wild Rising was the answer to my prayers. The moon circles give me a way of re-aligning my life and checking in with myself as well as sharing an intimate circle with strong women who are willing to be vulnerable. Keia’s gift of speaking is always a balm to my soul and although I’ve experienced other spiritual teachers and similar work, Keia is the real deal. Her ability to transmute wisdom and offer medicine leaves me feeling full and gives me the clarity I need to continue living a life of wholeheartedness. I love Wild Rising and am honored to sit in ceremony with like minded sisters. I’m so grateful Keia continues to be called to this work and that I can be a witness and student of her teachings. 
-Violet Harris
It's no exaggeration when I say that the loving healing space you so expertly created & held for me (and Lindsay of course) was the single most transformative experience of my life! It is a big reason why Lindsay and I have been able to shift our relationship and keep being in each others' lives. I didn't know how I could go from the personality I was before the ceremonies, to what I have access to now - and thanks to you and the medicine, I now know how this "new me" feels like and the lightness, celebration and strength that comes with it. It's a daily process, and I'm learning to surrender & trust each day, and I feel less and less resistance the more I exercise that muscle.
I'm sending you all my love and appreciation for what you offered me, and so many others. It's so needed and important what you do and I have only the highest respect for it!
Until we meet again! 
- Christof D.
"After admiring Keia’s work over the last several years I had always wanted to partake in her courses. Not being local to her area, I didn’t get the chance until now!  An alignment came for me to work with Keia through Wild Rising! 
 I now have an online tribe, online moon circles, meditation tools, a library of tools, and a connection that is meaningful and moving!  I love getting to participate on my schedule. I can always jump in when it works for me and as I need it. It also gives me such self care that is so convenient and thoughtful of my time - no more traveling or having to have life all together - a jump into a moon circle from the comfort of my own space!  
The experiences I’ve had with sisters in the Moon circles have been transformational. Joining Wild Rising has been an incredible boost in my life and I am excited to continue my Wild journey !”  
- Monique MURPHY
This is just the begining... 

More Testimonies...

“I have participated in a number of different sacred ceremonies with Keia and have benefited greatly from her spiritual experience, deep “claire” senses, and care is Keia is one of the very few I trust with this very important part of my journey! You are all amazing! I have no desire to journey elsewhere. ” 
- James Nolan.
“Keia has contributed to one of the most healing times of my life. To have her as a teacher and supporter during this transition brings me so much gratitude and honor. Her deeply caring heart and genuine approach to healing is what makes her unique.  
- Sophie Hillyard.
“Keia is a strong, knowledgeable, gifted and beautifully intuitive healer! Anyone who comes to visit her most definitely walks away with a positive change in their own being. All she offers is truly a gift”  
- Marina Cordova.
do you or someone you know need immediate integration support? 
Are you needing immediate integration support for you or a friend?  Have you just experienced medicines and need help or integration support?  I help and support anyone seeking assistance, even those who have self-administered, and those who have received medicinal experiences from others.  Reach out here to connect and I am happy to be of service. 

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