Together we RISE.

Become a secret agent, an AGENT OF CHANGE in the stand against Sex Trafficking.  

A Secret Mission:
We are paying it forward by uniting as secret agents determined to generate $100,000 to support Awaken Inc. in the mission to end Sex Trafficking. 
If you want to be an agent of change... Donate Here and Share this Page.

Here is HOW!!!! 
In 100 Days ...
We will make an impact and help victims become victors by raising $100,000 in secret to gift to AWAKEN INC.
Hey, if you like the secret Santa Game... Then this will be the 10x Version! 
Who is Awaken?

Communities united to end sex trafficking

We are a faith-based non-profit organization on a mission to eradicate commercial sexual exploitation. With a focus on providing housing, education, and holistic restoration services, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with survivors, giving them the tools they need to reclaim their lives and build brighter futures.

Here is HOW!!!! 

We intend to raise $100,000 to support the efforts and outreach of Awaken Inc directlY. 
By December 10th. 2023  

Awaken Inc. is an organization that directly impacts and intends to end sex trafficking, taking a stand as a faith-based non-profit organization. Awaken aims to eradicate commercial sexual exploitation.  They provide housing, education, and holistic restoration services.  They stand with the survivors and give them the tools to reclaim their lives and build their futures.   

It is necessary to continue to support this vital mission.  I know the power and good that can come from a survivor; the knowing of experience is the real currency on this earth, and the one way to shift our world would be to provide the pathway for the survivors to find life again. 
You are invited to be an agent of change and help this organization have an impact by uniting with MISSION100.  
Lets unite and raise $100,000 in funding and gift to it to awaken to complete this mission.  This funding is needed to further the efforts of massive change in the lives of those who need it most: our women and children.  

There are many ways that you can help: 
Unite as a secret agent with volunteer effort, joint campaigning, website sharing, fundraising, and more.  In November, this organization is Hosting a Community Gala to continue its efforts in Fundraising. This means that ***Auction and Raffle donation items are also an incredible way to support Awaken's efforts to raise the necessary funding to continue in the rehabilitation services of these women.  

Become an agent of change and support in MISSION100 as we support an organization that directly impacts and intends to end sex trafficking. 

If you would like to promote this on your website, at your event, or in any way, want to BE a part of this MISSION100... Then please reach out to me right away. 

Are you ready to have real impact?

Receive the gift of giving!  

Nevada has a long history of being known for prostitution, gambling, child abuse, homelessness,  drugs,and sex trafficking.   It's a state where children are primed for prostitution, and child trafficking is a normal conversation.   
We are on a mission to break the silence with songs of hope. Want to change a life?  Want to lead with legacy action?  Want to build your reputation and be known as an angel to those in the trenches? 

For any donation of $1,000 or more, I will gift you 3 personal 1:1 Sessions to support your journey into empowered leadership, conscious business, and spiritual development as well as my complimentary at-home course to help you get clarity of purpose.  I will support you in your own personal transformational journey into empowerment and leadership.