Seven Moons 
Alchemy of the Spiritual Warrior.

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A seven-month guided coaching course for spiritual development, integration coaching and transformation you will see.

I guide you on the path of heart, a journey into the seven directions for transformational practices, integration support, and applicable wisdom to live a conscious and heart-centered life.

Learn how to nourish your life with the shamanic art of ceremony.

Seven Moons, Seven Directions, Seven Sacred Teachings
Through Seven Months of guided exploration, live classes, q&a sessions and course-led content, you will see the difference. 


Hello Wild Heart, 

Born a See-er and Medium, I was told I had gifts of the holy spirit.  As I grew, I went into ministry, and then through life's many initiatory experiences, and in seeking answers and healing, I was brought into the path of medicines, initiated, and given the responsibility to carry this path to help others.  

Seven Moons means seven lunar cycles.  7 is a sacred number in the indigenous and spiritual teachings.  Signifying perfection and wholeness.  It is through the 7 directions of the medicine wheel, that I teach you how to apply the wisdom of the elements for transformation and guide you into your heart to find your authentic truth so that you can slow down the mind, journey into the heart, and tap into the spiritual gifts inside to help you truly LIVE.

Next Class Starts in October, 2023
7 powerful months of in-depth training. Weekly Meet, Course Curriculum, and Certification Opportunity to support your spiritual path, service, and development as a facilitator of the shamanic arts of alchemy. 
ith 7 Lunar months of 7 sacred teachings. 
Bonus meeting weekly Monday nights at 7 pm pst. 
& Graduation camping retreat invite.    
You are reading these words for a reason, you are ready, and this experience will be the transformation you seek.

Seven Moons

I made the decision…

At the end of your life's journey, what do you want to say you did with your life? Your time? Your money? Your hands? Your creative potential? Your heart? Where will you be one year from now?

What if you chose yourself and invested in yourself? What if you developed your intuitive and clairvoyant gifts? What if you decided to train and even possibly get certified in holistic modalities? 

What if you found a way to be able to express yourself and become a leader who shares from an empowered heart space?

I did, I made that decision! And it has been the deepest, most profound journey to rise to where I am today. I invite you now to join me in the journey that will matter most. You are worth it.

It is no secret that we are in a time of great global transformation and shift.  We all feel the call and need for conscious, empowered spiritual leaders to help anchor in a new way of being for the collective.  This truth is being felt all over as more and more people are awakening each and every day.  

Walking the spiritual path is now more important than ever as we collectively continue to awaken and take part in this powerful global shift.  But the problem is that too many people are consumed with "busyness" and too many things on their to-do lists and calendars...

With so many awakenings, you are needed, your gifts are needed. You probably have been feeling that call deep within, yet unsure of how to shift your own life to TRULY arrive at the empowered space of sovereignty.  Let alone, how will you find the time? 

To shift this world, we must first start with ourselves, and at the beginning that can seem like a mountain to climb, even more so if you have been on the spiritual path for a while yet are still facing or feeling stagnant energies of discontent, disconnect, and unworthiness.  

Most “spiritual leaders" these days, teach you with quick fix techniques, or 5-day master classes, how to heal yourself with the "newest" technique (tapping, meditation, breathwork, kundalini yoga, cold plunges, and so much more.)  

And I imagine that you have probably tried most of the modalities out there.  

To be honest, I did too and I even went so far as to get trained and certified in nearly 20 different alternative, esoteric, spiritual, metaphysical, and holistic modalities. 

(I have a drawer of certificates to prove it…)  

But when all was said and done, these modalities gave me temporary fixes, I learned a lot of technique, skill, and gained knowledge with great info and even had transcendental fixes, yet time and time again, I would find myself in that same old position of needing to heal more, unpack more, more shadow work, more clearing, healing, releasing.  
Never quite understanding why I couldn't just figure it out like everyone else. 

This is why I created this ONE of a KIND course.   (yeah, I know you have heard that before) 

But I will tell it to you like it is... This course will be different.  Unlike most courses, you will learn both, shamanic arts from me (a true initiated Medicine Woman), along with personal guidance. (You wont pay for another course that you have to find time to fit into your schedule to do alone.)  

I will PERSONALLY be there to hold you accountable to ensure that you are treating these sacred teachings with the respect and honor they deserve.  

So that you can begin to reclaim the respect and honor YOU deserve. 

 In Seven Moons you will receive a different type of training, a SEVEN MONTH LONG course-led, guided coaching mentorship, and a teaching course that will actually equip you with skills, practices, TIME & INTEGRATION support to TRULY shift your paradigm and develop the disciplined actions that will birth the change that you desire.  

You will learn how to use your own innate gifts to alchemize your life into your own medicine, become the antidote to the poison of unconsciousness and reprogram your entire thinking, understanding, and being.  You will learn, practice, and develop the ability to shift your environment with tangible evidence to prove it. 
7 Moons is a 7 Month, powerful training designed to give you tangible and strong foundations to walk a deeply connected spiritual path known as the Red Road.  This ancient tradition teaches a path to heart-centered living and it is an honor to share it with you.  these teachings are sacred and you will not find them anywhere else.   

Let me say that again, they are sacred...

Through this training, you will get clarity of your own personal journey, clarity on your purpose, and an understanding of the teachings of energies and balance. 

You’ll learn what shadow work really is and receive sacred teachings passed on to me from an ancestral lineage.   You will also learn the truth about metaphysical, spiritual, esoteric and shamanic truths. 

Discover, define, develop, and step into the service by sharing your gifts, while staying grounded and actually stepping into prosperity.  
This is not a false promise, the only way this magic won't happen is if you don’t join Seven Moons, and don’t do this work... 
The principles learned here will support your journey as a spiritually conscious and empowered being. You will see how these teachings and principles will help you in all areas of your life as a compass and guiding principles to consistently bring you back into alignment. 

You will see tangible growth, receive mentorship and watch the activation and development of your spiritual and metaphysical gifts empower your decision-making, and shift your paradigm. Ill say that again, “SHIFT YOUR PARADIGM.”

The intention of this training is to prepare you as the “spiritual warrior” that will journey through the unconscious realms of the mind, body, and spirit to END the lifelong, planetary battle of unworthiness, shame, and discontentment in life. 

We are in this time of the great shift and your desire for a more fulfilled life, for abundance, for joy, to serve and help others is all THE NORTH STAR to be followed. 

This training will equip you with the skills, tools, and understanding to create and live out your dream.  

Are you ready to experience the empowered life you have been wanting? 
Awaken into consciousness and alchemize your rising.
I will journey with you there.

This course is not for everyone, IT WILL SHIFT YOUR LIFE. Things will change, so, if you like where you are at then stay there.  
This is for those ready to show up.   Through this course, I ask people to make a commitment to two things.  
1. Don't sign up for anything else... Stay committed to this journey.
2. Show up.  That is all, just show up. The magic will happen when you arrive.

As Seven Moons is offered online, it grants access to you from anywhere right from your phone, and provides even deeper support and accountability for your prosperous completion as we meet often, in shorter stints online.  You will learn in the group forum, weekly meetings, monthly homework, full support, and more as you move through the lessons and teachings. 

At the course's end, you will be celebrated as you launch your skills, and receive an invitation to retreat together.  
Details will be shared with students only.  

Topics that will be covered in 7 Moons Level one…
The teachings and opening to the spiritual path known as the Red Road.
Teachings in Altar Work of the 7 Directions
Medicine Wheel Introduction & Personal Creation
Reiki Holy Fire II Level 1 Training and Certification
My personal designed Alchemy of dreams and Visioning mini-courses
The essential ingredient that popular "thought leaders" are missing  
Transformational Coaching, Materials, and Teaching
Psychic Development of the Clair Senses
Guided Meditations, Energy balancing, Auric Cleansing, Grounding, Chording, Shielding
Energy Medicine Training and hands-on healing
Vibrational Therapy Certification Training, (frequency, stone, color, sound, and light therapies.)
Wisdom values, culture, respect, and ethics
Shadow work, Spirit guides, and Journeying.
You will learn how to understand your subconscious programing, and patterning and open yourself to shifting your reality to a higher, more aligned version of who you chose to be in this life. 

All of this will be a basis to help you to begin to develop your spiritual path for personal transformation, energy healing, psychic,  alchemy, sound, and more. 

And the biggest difference in this is that you will also receive coaching support and guidance for your complete integration with your career, family, and personal walk in this life. 

My name is Keia, and I am a Medicine Woman.
This is what I do!

The time for you to make a decision is now. 

Who doesn't love bonuses?

Check these out. 

7-Step Purification Plan by Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Keia Lavine, HHP.
Two 1 hour private sessions for personal development upon entry and completion.
Promotion of your skills and gifts and support to build your business.
7 Moons, Keia Lavine, Usui Holy Fire Reiki, Reiki Practitioner, energy medicine.

If you are considering this program and still have questions, then please reach out to me personally to find out more.  Let’s connect, get to know each other, and share more about this training.  

Seven Moons 
Seven Months, Seven Altars, Seven Sacred Teachings for life transformation, empowerment, and embodiment of your potential and spiritual gifts that will excel your life, career and mission on this planet.