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Blue Lotus Aphrodisiac Tincture

Aphrodisiac Tincture Medicine

Aphrodisiac tincture~ Egypt calls to you with this ancient potion an aphrodisiac medicine that stimulates passion, and spiritually empowers elevated consciousness. 
Made with 100% pure mezcal base. (The only alcohol considered medicinal due to being from pure agave cactus). 
Feel the rising of your subtle body as your energies awaken with this medicine. Feel her activate ancient mysteries within, sharing messages of the stars. Support your meditation practice and dream work with powerful tinctures.
Antiparasitic, Antibacterial, and Antiviral Tincture will help to support your immune system, keep you grounded, and spiritually connected, and offers energetic protection. 
One of the first medicines that I ever began to deeply work with was the absolutely stunning Blue Lotus Flower.  This flower is an ancient flower used by my culture in Egypt.  Blue lotus can be used in many ways such as being smoked, made into a salve, herbal tea, soaked in wine, and in tincture form. 

Blue lotus - an aphrodisiac and awakening medicine for the heart, throat, and third eye. Activate with gentle ease and experience a deep connection to the spiritual realm in waking hours. Great for meditation, raising frequencies, and libido.

BLUE LOTUS: Nymphaea Cerulean ~ She is a sacred beautiful purple flower here to give you life and life abundantly.  

The beautiful Blue Lotus flower carries one the highest frequencies and vibrations on Earth, similar to the Rose. Blue Lotus has been powerful for centuries through ancient cultures such as the Maya and the Egyptian to offer us Dreamtime Visions and Euphoric states, easing anxiety and depression in the nervous system as well as enhancing the spiritual connection to the body.

Is blue lotus a psychedelic?
The blue lily is a water-growing plant where it floats on the surface as its roots drive deep into the earth. The plant flowers during the day and closes up at night. The sacred flower has been associated with psychedelic effects and lucid dreaming, lending to its modern uses as a mind-altering drink.

AM and /or PM Ritual - Put this Medicine on your Heart Chakra within both hands, state your intentions to the medicine and then take 1-2 droppers under the tongue and hold until you can feel the medicine activating in your mouth.  Slowly begin to swallow the medicine imagining the violet liquid light coming to all parts of your energy body like liquid nectar.  
Best done on the Full or New Moon 5 day phases *once in the AM and Once in the PM
Optional to use before meditation, yoga, and any spiritual practice.  Keep her on your altar and honor her.  Don’t save her, partake with her and she will honor you for honoring her life and the life she wants to give you in luck, abundance, health, and profound spiritual connection.  



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