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Mugwort Dreamweed Tincture

An ancient Scandinavian Tincture Medicine, known as the grandmother of sage.  Scandinavia sings us a song of dreams and medicine with this powerful tincture. A medicine that supports our deep dream work while gifting us powerful spiritual protection and the deepest cleansing of the body. Connect within and to the dreamer, you are with the song of the Mother.
I was first introduced to mugwort, also known as Artemisia Vulgaris, (artemisia is the same family as sage), in October of 2019 at a Wild Essence: Sacred Feminine Alchemy retreat in Vermont. Jessi Mendez had lovingly gifted me some and my experience was introduced through a tincture and drops under the tongue. I continued my use of this tincture and became deeply connected to it for its many amazing properties.
This bitter, near-black licorice tincture produced a sensual, cared-for feeling in the body. I was able to feel as though I could drop into the dream world during waking hours and felt this loving medicine inspire my desire to go deeper with plant medicines. Instead of just a knowledge-based understanding as a holistic health practitioner, I wanted to have the wisdom base knowledge of having had worked with it first hand... and so the adventure began.
Since then I have been deeply working with this medicine and making beautiful and powerful tinctures to do deep healing and dream work with.  Mugwort is also known as dream weed is truly one of the most powerful essences to support spiritual life.
For more science on this incredible plant medicine...
Protection, purification, and dreamtime amplification have long been associated with Artemisia vulgaris by many cultures and native tribes. The sage-like herby aroma of Artemisia vulgaris has been used for smudging, and also as a visionary herb. Some consider it able “to give one a clearer view on life and impart a deeper sense of peace”–Herbal Tarot book. For smudging, take dried mugwort and burn it in a fire-safe receptacle such as a mini cauldron, clay vessel, or abalone shell. The smoke can be circulated around to purify oneself and the environment/space around them.
Artemisia vulgaris is well known to enhance visions in dreams and assist with dream recall—some even go as far as to say it can help achieve astral projection.
Because of Mugwort’s ability to circulate blood and move energy in the body, it is the prime ingredient in moxibustion– an extremely useful Chinese heat therapy practiced by TCM physicians, Acupuncturists, and some Herbalists. Mugwort is valued in moxa also for its ability to burn quickly and for its deep penetrating heat. Burning moxibustion over a painful area increases blood circulation, relieves pain, and quickly heals injuries, bruises, and more.
Medicinally Artemisia vulgaris is a well-known bitter and digestive aid. It is considered a bitter tonic and Mugwort has been used to treat stomach disorders and improve digestion, while also having antifungal and antimicrobial properties.
Mugwort is also associated with menstruation. It increases circulation to warm up the uterus and pelvic region, moves the blood, removes stagnant blood (the source of cramps, stiffness, and pain), and regulates hormone levels. Some use it as a general menstrual cramp regulator (particularly for congestive cramps with symptoms of feeling heavy, and thick, pain in the lower back, and general stagnancy) or for violent cramps.

Cautions/Contraindications: This may cause allergic reactions in those with sensitivity to the Asteraceae family. Take caution during pregnancy and with the heavy menstrual flow as Mugwort is a powerful mover.

I harvest mugwort by hand, in a good way, with offerings, and prepared it for making tinctures.  I have sung to it, kissed it, loved on it, prayed to it, and more for weeks to ensure high vibrations and intentions for physical, menstrual, biological, and emotional healing properties are awakened and alive in this powerful medicine.  
She is ready to help you go deeper into the dream world and explore your subconscious as she provides:   
-Powerful Protection
-Purification of the body, home, gut, and mind
-Dreamtime amplification and retention
-Menstrual flow balancing
-Blood cleansing
-Enhanced Visions 
-Good for meditation
-Improved digestion
-Antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial
-Promotes quick healing 
-Increases circulation
-Shamanic journeying into the dreamworld 
If you are interested in a bottle of freshly made beautiful Mugwort to support your dreamwork and holistic journey then please reach out. 

The healing properties:
  • Antibacterial, Antiparasitic, and Antifungal support
  • Use for dream activation and vivid dreaming
  • Cleanse and clear negative energies and entity forms
  • Purify and detoxify the body
  • Stimulates & Activates blood flow
  • Powerful supplement to support meditation
  • Offers clarity of thought and purpose
  • Opens up the body and mind to higher communication and Holistic thinking
  • Produces feelings of connectedness to dream realms
  • Powerful spiritual tool for protection 
  • Helps relieve stress and anxiety and creates feelings of euphoria



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