Taurus New Moon ~ The Beauty Moon

Rooted in Beauty & Growth
May 19th Taurus Lunar Cycle Begins energies sensual, fixed, and feminine. Ruled by Venus, Earth sign, and Financial Goals. 

The MOON: 
Some people ask why I always share and talk about the moon in my blogs, well, to me the answer is so clear, the moon is the doer, the feminine power, the constant, changing, moving, working, grandmother who shifts our seas, seasons and menstrual cycles.  Each lunar cycle she brings new astrological energy for us to work with, she waxes and wanes to remind us of our many phases.  She is always teaching us the mysteries and wisdom that we can touch.  And with the wisdom she teaches when you really spend time with her, you can find a deeper alignment in life and in your own personal energy. 

Grounding: When we align our lives to the phases of the moon and to the energies that rise and fall.  We find better balance, rest, and energy to accomplish what is needed with ease.  Cyclical Alignment is the way of those who are spiritually inclined, those who have the intellect and wisdom to see that our nature IS nature and that when we align, we naturally begin to cultivate a harmony within our energy, our mind, our bodies that we cannot get any other way, no matter how hard you work at it. NOTHING will take the place of nature...  

The Earth Element: In this lunar cycle we begin to root down into the earthy energies of Taurus.  Welcome to the Taurus Lunar Cycle. This is the lunar cycle of the Medicine Moon.  In this lunar cycle, the buds are blooming, the sun is shining, and deep beneath the surface of the earth, roots are magnetically deepening toward the center of our earth's mother.  These deepening and strengthening roots are drawing up the deep wisdom and magic that is provided... It's during the new moon phase that the medicinal qualities of the flowers, herbs, and plants draw deeper into the earth, and with new invigoration, the medicine then begins it's ascension towards the blooming surface ready to be harvested at full moon time.  Taurus asks us to rest into this rooting process, as the firey energy of last month sprung forth new shifts, this lunar cycle breaks us free from retrograde energy and gives us a moment of stillness. 

Rooted in Growth:  Now is the time to grow your roots in business, in relationships that you want, in your intentions, and in your focus on the next steps that you must take to strengthen the foundation and structure of where you want to be and go in this life.   What are the 6 most important things you want to accomplish in the coming weeks.  *This is not the to-do list, this is your personal goals or desires... Write all 6 down on a piece of paper and work on 1 until it is complete and then move to number 2 and so forth.  This simple focused list of your priorities will help clear the clutter of the unnecessary things that call our attention.  Remember to root down into your priorities.  This is the creation and structure needed for you to stay in alignment. 

Beauty as the Balance: For this lunar cycle as we continue to shift globally, root into the beauty of the earth.  This is a powerful way to balance the "hard" times and "dense" energies that are purging out everywhere.  Buy flowers, and pay attention to details, organization, and your physical dress and environment.  By taking the time for self-care in your physical appearance you can better keep your frequencies balanced in higher vibrational alignment with your empowered identity.  To state is simply... "When you look good, you FEEL good."  So, why not choose to look good, feel good, and receive more good in your life? You get to choose to create this reality, and I hope that you create beauty.  The blooming flower has more power than you know, and we can all heal just as powerfully with the beauty of a rose as we can purging and releasing: the choice is yours.  Beauty is the balancing force of the Medicine People.  

Set clear and strong financial Goals and rededicate to a self-care/ worth/ love practice during this time.  The seeds you plant in your mind today take root and begin to grow in your life. You are creating the future you desire and are invited to shift your focus to creating a life that you find beauty in through all experiences. 

Monthly Affirmation
"I am delighted to be rooted in beauty, and blooming into abundant growth in all areas of my life."   

Upcoming Events... Are you ready to shift?  
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Retreat & Events: 
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Course & Programs: 
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Monthly Ritual

  • 1 -2 oz water spray bottle
  • 10 -20 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil (therapeutic grade and organic)
  • 1 teaspoon water-soluble carrier oil: (Argan, Grapeseed or Jojoba are the best)

Create your ceremony Turn on some beautiful music, take a nice shower, light some candles, and move the body, Combine the ingredients into a spray bottle and shake well. Take some time to hold the bottle to your heart and tell the essence of your intentions and send the highest gratitude for the medicine that gave its life to you and your connection.  Spray the rosemary spray into the hair and massage gently into the scalp.  leave in.  
You can spray into your roots or scalp morning and night to strengthen your roots and bring health to your scalp and hair.  Focus your energetic attention on the roots of your hair, and the grounding roots of the earthy energies as you breathe in the essences. 

Rooted in beauty and growth,

Medicine Woman, Keia Lavine