Awakening is a process of the conscious mind becoming awakened to the truth that you are the creator. It is the realization that you are the drop of water and the ocean. It is becoming the owner of your own life and knowing the interconnection you have with the entirety of the universe.
It is the energetic process of dying to the unconscious person you were before, and a rebirth into the powerful being that is your birthright. The embodiment of this power takes time and is a beautiful time of healing wounds, awakening your innate psychic and spiritual gifts, and rising to the fullest potential that is your true nature.
The process of awakening starts when you begin to question societal norms that were previously accepted and your spirit sets out on exploration for truths through metaphysical, spiritual, and higher conscious answers. Many people show signs of their initial awakening through posts of government conspiracy theories, aliens, FEMA plots, and more. Some can get lost in these subjects of study as they are half-truths meant to distract you from finding them.
They are tools fed to you so that you feed your energy upon other sources in hopes that you will not fully awaken and heal. At your highest potential, you are awakening archetypes of the hero, the healer, the shaman, the psychopomp, the chosen one, the medicine person, the psychic, the dream tender, the wounded healer, and more. However, these archetypes are too vast deception as we are both these and none of these. We are the archetype and so much more.
Awakening can be confusing as we begin to see signs and synchronicities.  Some may think they are going crazy, others may begin dreaming vivid and even scary dreams.  Some who are awakening may feel a "calling" from within to leave relationships, jobs, careers, lifestyles. Some may even follow this calling.   Wounds from the past may come up and you may spend countless hours on google looking for answers, a teacher, a leader.  You may explore several metaphysical realms, spiritual endeavors, and more.  This is awakening and is a beautiful process.  
Awakening is akin to a re-birthing of your spirit.  The answer is found when you keep asking questions.  Know that there is no real destination, it is a process of learning to become mindful, conscious, and purposeful in all of your endeavors.  There are several things you can do to help you in your awakening process and I have created a list below of several things that are essential for everyone who is awakening. 
1. Grounding - Grounding is a centering that happens.  A moment where you can bring your spirit back into your body, tap into mother earth, and feel stable.  There are many ways to do this, however, the best ways are bare feet on the ground, walking in nature, and laying on the earth.  If you are unable to do this, you can ground in by just sitting and tapping into the earth's energy through a grounding chord reaching from your body into the center of the earth. Breath, release, connect... Go inside and feel your body and become very present.
2. Meditation - No matter your spiritual lineage, faith, or lifestyle, meditation is key for allowing you peace, calm, relaxation, and even the realization that you are not your thoughts.  Make this practice important in your life.  Meditate even if it is for only 10 minutes a day.  This will help you through your awakening, helps you stay grounded, and allows for hearing the spirit in a new way.  
3. Drink lots of water - Water conducts energy, helps detoxify the body, and helps to keep you healthy.  We all know this, however, during your awakening, your thoughts, mind, body, and spirit are going through major changes.  Your energetic vibrations are rising and this will cause natural detoxification and the water will make this process much easier.  Water will also help you stay grounded (added bonus). 
4. Journal - Journaling is something that I treasure.  Record your synchronistic experiences, record what resonates with you, and record your dreams.  Journaling also allows you to get "your story" out on paper allowing you room to see the wounding you still hold onto.  These wounds can lose their power over you as you begin to journal it out and allow your mind to process the experience in a new way. 
5. Connect with Nature - This is a popular one, however extremely underestimated.  Nature is naturally healing.  Hike, camp, explore trails, fish, nature walks, hug trees, and watch sunrises and sunsets.  If you live in a city, plant plants in your home, trees, and flowers. Purchase a water fountain or fish tank and listen to the sounds of the water flowing.  Watch the fish.  Buy candles and tap into the elements of water, wind, fire, and earth... Burn sage, incense, or diffuse essential oils that you enjoy. 
Incorporating these 5 steps and getting into a solid practice with them is an incredible way to help you in your awakening.  It is also life long process and yet the more you practice the easier it will all be.  I encourage you to take pleasure in these things, celebrate your victories and achievements and strive to embody joy in all areas of your life.  
The awakening is a beautiful unfolding and a time to treasure and a time to explore everything that interests you.  You may have psychic gifts that awaken and if this happens pursue information or a teacher to help you develop your gift.  This may also be a time of grieving as you begin to break free of dogmatic chains that you used to once fiercely defend.  Just remember to have compassion for yourself and others that are not yet awakened.  Remember you are not alone and that we are all in this together.  
I send my love to you
Keia Lavine, HHP. ~ A Modern-Day Medicine Woman


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