Reclaim Your Wild Femininity: The Time to RISE is Now
In the echoing whispers of the wind and the rhythmic cadence of ocean waves, there lies an ancient call—a call that resonates with the very core of your being, urging you to awaken the raw, untamed, primal feminine power that resides within you. It beckons you to shed layers of societal expectation and step bravely into a space of reclamation and empowerment. The time to heed this call, to RISE, is now.

Prepare yourself to undergo a true transformational odyssey into the wild gardens of your soul, where every step is a ceremony of coming home to who you truly are. Here, in the nurturing embrace of RISE, we gather as sisters, united in purpose and spirit, to ignite the fiery god-spark that dwells within each one of us.

This course is not for everyone, 

Through the guiding light of RISE, an online year long course, you'll find the tools and knowledge to become an artisan of your own life. Drawing upon the wisdom of ancient teachings, neuroscience, and energy medicine, you'll learn to bring your dream narrative to life, one that is uniquely yours—one of empowerment, authenticity, and leadership.

Each session is a nurturing ground where you'll explore the dynamic dance between feminine and masculine energies, fostering a harmonious balance that fuels your passion, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. It's an invitation to release the chains of unworthiness, shame, and isolation, and to embrace the healing balm of acceptance and love.

A Heart-Centered Journey: RISE, The Course To Matter Most

The essence of RISE lies in the transformative journey from head to heart—a profound shift that marks the longest yet most rewarding expedition you will ever undertake. It's about honoring the scars, the wrinkles, the folds, and welcoming a full rebirth, steeped in self-acceptance and love and your truest self in all your glory.

Through a deep process of soul mapping, you'll navigate landscapes of identities and personas born from pain, continually moving towards full reclamation. The heart serves as both the destination and the medicine, a sacred chamber where you rediscover your divine nature and the boundless potential that resides within.

In the heart space, you'll awaken to the authentic truth, pure divinity, and sovereignty that is your birthright. It's here that you'll find the vibrance in your soul, a place of untamed beauty and wild flourishing, ready to RISE and bloom in all its glory.

Sacred Sisterhood: Unparalleled Connection and Healing Support

RISE is more than a program; it's a vibrant community of women who are committed to supporting each other on their paths to self-discovery and empowerment. In the sanctuary of this sisterhood, you'll find a space where you can express yourself freely, to advocate for yourself and stand in your voice.

Together we form a formidable, wild, powerful force that seeks to uplift, to honor, and to heal. In this sacred space, your voice will not be silenced. Your story, etched in time, serves as a beam of hope, inspiring others to break free from the bonds of disempowerment and embrace their true, wild nature.

LIVE, HEAL and SERVE better.

Who is RISE for?

In a world echoing with the ancient whispers of the wild and the wisdom of nature, RISE emerges as the guiding star for a distinct group of individuals who are ready to reclaim their inherent power and step boldly into their roles as leaders. RISE is specifically crafted to resonate with:

Facilitators, Healers, and Coaches: Those who are already on a mission to guide others towards growth and empowerment. RISE enhances your practice with an array of tools designed to nurture and fuel the passion that drives your vocation, amplifying the impact you can make in others' lives.

Practitioners and Guides: Whether you are taking your first steps or have journeyed far along the path of guiding others, RISE stands as a nurturing garden where you can further develop your skills and deepen the connection to your own spiritual path, expanding your horizons and the depth of your knowledge.

Executives and Business Owners (Ages 25-45): Those who are carving out their niches in the corporate sphere but seek a deeper spiritual connection. RISE offers a profound transformative experience that catalyzes personal growth and fosters a deeper understanding of your true purpose and potential in the intricate world of business.

Women Embarked on a Spiritual Path: Women who have committed themselves to spiritual growth and are ready to unlock their true potential as positive change-makers and leaders. RISE offers you a space where your dedication meets opportunity, a ground where your spiritual growth blossoms into empowered leadership.

Helping facilitators, healers, practitioners, coaches, Mentors, and Guides understand and embody the art of holding space and living authentically.

Step into Your Power: The Time to RISE is Now

In the embrace of RISE, you find more than a program; you find a safe haven, a nurturing ground where you can reclaim yourself through wild feminine alchemy and rediscover your strengths, or reignite the fires of passion and purpose that burn within your soul.

As you stand on the cusp of this transformative adventure, know that you are not alone. Together, as a united front, we stand against the atrocities that have silenced, betrayed, and violated the sacred feminine. Through RISE, we find healing, empowerment, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Together, we RISE.

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