Awakening the Divine Feminine

In my work, I am being called more and more to take part in the awakening of the divine feminine. To help women overcome trauma, embrace their gifts as intuitive, psychics, light workers, and empaths, to reclaim the goddess within, and break free from depression, anxiety, fear, and stress... to help women not feel like a stranger in their own bodies. 

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner- which means that I am a practitioner of alternative medicine. I am certified, trained, and practiced in several modalities. Does this mean that I know it all or that I'm perfect? Hahaha and thank goddess! That pressure would be stifling. But I am authentic, speak from real experience and can share from personal knowings of how to heal from trauma, hopelessness, and even feelings of suicide. I have learned to tap into my gifts as a psychic to help serve others through reading the energy body and giving a deeper insight into their lives. 

I am a real woman, with real fat, real wrinkles, real quirks, and a couple of grey hairs (Okay, 4 greys... but who's counting?)...I have suffered just like you. I have survived addictions, failed relationships, the loss of a child, foster homes, homelessness, family dysfunction, divorce, and violence. But out of those shadowy depths, I was awakened by a calling from the mother and answered back with complete surrender. 

I offer my gifts and experience to you through ~intuitive healing sessions~ a session filled with spirit and science to give you the tools you need to Rise and awaken the divine within!

Like a modern-day Medicine WOMAN, I am here to help awaken the healer within you and empower you to take back what is rightfully yours... life in all its glory and infused with mindfulness and connection to yourself, connect to your spirit, mind, and body! 

I refuse to live in boxes anymore or live under the "can" or "cant's" of other people ever again. To awaken the divine feminine is to answer the calling of a wild woman~ and live a life undomesticated and untamed. 

You CAN feel empowered continuously, you CAN recover from addictions and depression, you CAN be free from debilitating anxiety, you CAN be present with your family and children, and most importantly, you CAN love yourself more than you've ever loved anyone before. You don't have to be a stranger in your own body anymore! 

Connection to your heart space is key and the key is turned with the questions that burn in your heart. Let me help guide your shaky hands to turn that key and unlock that magic. Howl with me wild sister... for you are wild within, and I'll be there as a guide, witness, and reflection to show you proof of your glorious nature. ♡

Psychic Medium ~Keia Eden Lavine, HHP., ~ 
♡A Modern-Day Medicine WOMAN♡


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