Written by Keia Lavine

Reading between the lines. 
New MOON Time!  The moon is dark right now in the sky, Meaning, you can't see it because the earth shadows it.  I was taught that the time of the new moon is the time for us to also "be dark".  This means turning off the proverbial lights of intensity, action, and being seen by others.  This is the time for silence, quiet, nourishment, self-care, and reflection.  Most people think it is a time of intention setting... and yes, it is, but there is so much more magic here waiting for you.  

Grandmother Moon teaches us that we all have phases and cycles, and each cycle brings new astrological energy for us to work with. When we align to these phases, we get in "the flow" of the natural rhythms around us.  And by doing this, we open ourselves to be able to "hear", "see" and "understand" in a new way.  This is a sort of second language to most, but I believe it is our "mother tongue".  The language of nature. 

Equanimity and the unification of the duplicitous nature:  Through the Gemini lunar cycle, we see the duality of things.  In fact, Gemini rules the lungs, the two sides of the body, the opposites.  Gemini's character traits are born out of the legends of two brothers, one mortal and the other immortal.  I look at that ancient story and see the reflection of truth here... Aren't we all both immortal and mortal beings in many ways? and wouldn't this suggest that we are still yet invited to see both sides of our nature and our spiritual being?  And wouldn't this be a great invitation to integrate it all to come to the center, to read between the lines and see what all of the nature points at... Like the two lungs connected by the heart center.  

The breath:
Gemini is renowned for its influence over the lungs, arms, and wrists, among other aspects. It's fascinating how Gemini, symbolized by the twins, governs these body parts that often reflect one another. The significance of duality is particularly evident in the lungs. In light of this, I suggest bringing heightened awareness to these areas during the current month. Allocate time to nourish your wrists and arms, and direct your focus towards allowing the breath to guide you towards clarity.

The breath holds great significance as it is sacred, connecting all beings, providing life, and enabling us to express ourselves. This month, I encourage you to prioritize your breath by taking deeper inhalations, allowing the air to permeate your being and provide you with vital oxygen. As you tune in to the transient energies and delve into the communicative and intellectual connections with yourself and others, incorporate more breath into your space. Let it be present as you speak, converse, and convey your inner world to others.

Additionally, I recommend watching an older video I created, that demonstrates a beautiful breath technique called the Anuloma Vilom. Please note that although the video is a few years old, however, it still contains valuable content for you.

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Monthly Ritual ~ Listening to the wind

  • YOU
  • 60 MINUTES 

Go into nature with nothing, no journal, no music, no blanket, nothing.  Just yourself and at least an hour of time.  Lay down on the earth's floor and just sink deep into the surface and open yourself to receive.  Take time to LISTEN... Don't even ask any questions, just be there to receive what wants to come through... There is something there for you, trust me.   

I know that not many of you will actually take the time to do this, but I encourage you to.  This is the difference of those who really want to shift and those who are attached to the suffering.  You are not meant for suffering... So grab those shoes, and go... Do it now! 

Keia Lavine, Holistic Health Practitioner, Psycho-spiritual Therapies, and Integration coaching. 
Journey into the heart. 

Ready to shift? 
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With Wild Love,

Keia Lavine



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