What is a real shaman

I have had people tell me what a shaman is, what "rights of passage they must go through" what a shaman isn't, what they do or don't do, a year and a day trainings, apprenticeships, initiations, that real shamans don't charge, that they do charge, they wear white, or red, or blue or other combinations for various reasons...  or this feather, that stone or this alter, this and that ... in fact I've personally participated in all of it as I've been learning and deepening into this path.  I've also heard that this medicine person isn't good because they don't do this or that and so much more.... my travels have helped me meet some really interesting characters,  and some amazing mentors for sure, including those who could be considered "real shamans" based on how they dress, and even more real shamans based on how they serve in the ceremony, pray and teach.  I have learned from so many teachers and heard so many ways that I call bullshit on what a real shaman is.  
In Peru, those "real" shamans are; …. 
I have the blessing, teachings, and experience, and dedication to serving this powerful medicine and a lifetime of experience that helps me see people on a really deep level... most importantly I have the dedication of heart to serve. 

Isn't the whole point, to offer a safe space for those who are journeying to have a breakthrough healing so that they don't need the medicine?   Does what you wear or don't wear even matter? 
My personal belief is that the shaman is an Archetype that lives within us all.... and as I am the master of my own life I get to determine what it means for me...  as you get to determine for yourself what it means for you. And what you determine, will become your reality... so chose what you define it to be with consciousness.   
I believe we are all psychics, healers, light workers, Magic, and medicine people...  you are the medicine, I am the medicine and the master plants and animal medicines are only a bridge to help us remember that. 

When someone tells me they've sat with Ayahuasca 130 times... honestly... I don't look at them with reverence or admiration... I look at them with wonder.. like why? Why so many times? Is it not working? Did you possibly not do the integration and follow-up work?
To work with the medicines is to take a committed part in your ceremony.  It's not to have an experience. Or to try it cause you haven't done it before. 
These travels have taught me so much about the way I will show up on this path.  ... and the ways I will not participate in.   I can't say I will always have it perfect, but I will always do my best and seek out my teacher's help if I need it.
March 14th, 2021


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