Apple Tree

The time for competition is over. We can do so much more together in collaboration with one another when we begin to work together.  
If you feel like someone "stole" something from you, remember that you are the Apple tree and not the Apple.  There is so much more inside of you waiting to be shared with the world.  
When you live in lack and competition, that is all that you will draw to you.  Today in my program we are deep diving into change paradigms on who is the "competition".   It is time to give birth to the perception of a life where they were in collaboration with us to further help this world with significant impact.  
Mother earth is not in competition with the sky, or bids or trees.  The river is not in competition with the mountain.... together they all work in harmony providing you a very safe and beautiful home.  
Who can you work with today to help better this world?  What projects or ideas can you begin to collaborate with others on? What is a dream of yours that would be actualized if you had a team of conscious entrepreneurs working together?  The idea of lack and scarcity is a lie! You are living in an abundant universe that is waiting for you to realize It! 
You are the Apple tree... you can always produce more fruit! ♡♡♡♡ 
Keia Lavine HHP.


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