The Code... this is the guiding structure for the creation of Wild Moon Culture

The structure and foundation of Wild Moon LLC ~ The path of medicine. Remember, wild one, YOU are the medicine.

Terms, Policy, and Code of Conduct:

Terms, Policy, and Code of Conduct 
Wild Moon LLC is a conscious, heart-centered LLC Business that provides service and education to the community with the intention to empower and inspire a global higher consciousness of all starting with the individual.  The following are the core values, expectations, and non-negotiables that Wild Moon LLC believes are the perfect structure and container that will guide all towards an understanding of the greater vision for all while staying focused on self.  Founder and Owner, Keia Lavine has built her work and company upon these values and will encourage all students, followers, and clients to reflect upon each layer of shifting. Please read this document carefully so that you fully understand what is expected of you during your affiliation with Wild Moon LLC, in any capacity.  Affiliation is inclusive of but not limited to personal, messaging, all social media outlets, and any avenue of communicative or relational, financial, scheduled, and all contracted, affiliation.  , slander, financial, core values, and conduct in ANY WAY during your contracted relationship time. Please know that Wild Moon LLC believes that any relationship must have a foundation that sets a clear structure for easy navigation, and boundaries that allow for proper expansion. Boundaries stated below are listed as terms or non-negotiables. These boundaries come with clarified results that if violated will have an immediate and agreed to consequence.
Wild Moon LLC 

These codes have been chosen carefully and are a way of life for those who are seeking to walk a path of consciousness.  Please review, and perhaps reflect on where some of these codes can support and guide you in your journey.  
  • Code of Honor - Always conduct yourself honorably, respectfully, professionally, and sovereignly. Honor is the essence of life and is my foundational belief.  We are all learning, growing, and experiencing at different levels and through different perceptions each and every moment. Honor demonstrates higher consciousness and is proved through respectful actions, thoughts, and words at all times regardless of feelings or emotions. Demonstrated respect at all times for the aspects of the teachings, the culture, and for myself, and Wild Moon is expected at all times while you are in a relationship with me in any capacity. Especially when feelings, emotional triggers, energies, or miscommunication happens you are expected to continue to demonstrate Honorable actions, behaviors, and words at all times.  no excuse for disrespectful behavior. We will all experience frustration from time to time, but we cannot allow that frustration to become personal attacks. An environment where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a productive or creative one.
    • TERMS: Dishonor in any way is NOT tolerated. Failure to demonstrate honor includes, but is not limited to Social gossip, attack, slander, Insult (professional or personal), harassment, exclusion, racism, sexism, violence, discrimination, discriminatory jokes and language, using racist or sexist terms, sharing equally explicit or violent material and unwanted sexual attention. This includes any way with Threats, Promotion, participation, Advocating for, or encouraging, alongside any failure to stop, intervene or report any of these behaviors in any way. This is non-negotiable
    • Policy: Failure to demonstrate Honor at all times will immediately terminate your access to any certifications, teachings, training, education, platforms, media outlets, communication lines, my work, energetic and emotional connections, and any relational connection.  ***You will still be legally required to FULFILL YOUR ENTIRE financial contract in full.  Any financial agreement violated will be pursued by legal means if necessary. You will be sued, and pursued legally for ANY financial recompense estimated from all damages incurred; including financial, administrative, legal, emotional, communal, reputation, business, legal, or fees incurred private, personal, professional, public, or otherwise. 

  • Code of Unity  - Unity is the supreme law of the universe. It celebrates diversity and demonstrates inclusivity. It is necessary for our collective consciousness to rise into true heart-centered living.  Unity demonstrates honor through active, intentional, action. It requires open-mindedness, receptivity, and humility that strives for open, honest, meaningful relationships, and experiences for all. Unity consciousness understands that all differences, in any way, are profound gifts of relational opportunity.  It is the force of synergistic momentum, vision, and innovation that will define our collective future. 
    • TermsAny discrimination in any way including any members of any sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, social and economic class, educational level, color, immigration status, sex, age, size, family status, political belief, religion, and mental and physical ability… WILL NEVER BE TOLERATED. This is non-negotiable
    • Policy: In the event that you participate, promote, invite, demonstrate, or tolerate, any action that discriminates in any way will require direct coaching and verbal warning at your expense of a rate and fee of no less than $250 to allow for an explanation, and redirection action.  Failure to commence mandated consultation within 48 hours means immediate termination of your relationship in any aspect with Keia Lavine and wild moon LLC. Legal actions as stated in the Honor clause may also be pursued against you. 

  • Code of Accountability- Accountability is radical integrity and personal responsibility. It is the structure that supports the container of true energetic shift and lasting deep inner growth. It is excellence in action that demonstrates honor.  It is integrity in action. Integrity is the constant choice to infuse every action with honesty, fairness, honor, and right action that inspires others and creates trust at all times (especially when no one is looking) and the courage to allow humility to be seen. It is birthed from will, propelled by choice, and breaths life into honor from a deep and powerful place within known as the essence of character. Understand that your decisions, thoughts, and actions affect others. Your intentions, decisions, and actions create a karmic movement. This is universal law. Accountability creates self-discipline. It allows unity to come alive and demonstrates excellence by taking full responsibility for your life in all aspects.  It eliminates the excuses, stories, and reasons that feed disempowerment and a victim mentality.  It is how you honor yourself, ignite awakening, and transmute or universal accountability karmic debt. It is demonstrated through action by admitting mistakes, saying what you mean and meaning what you say, fulfilling your promises, meeting your obligations, being on time, respecting privacy and others’ property and space, speaking respectfully, honoring agreements, contracts, and financial obligations (as they are the energy of your word), completing required and expected work, being integral at all times, modeling integral actions by honoring all relationships, especially with self. We all depend on each other for unified collective awakening and accountability is the structure to make that happen.
    • Terms:  While affiliated with Wild Moon LLC., You agree to fulfill all obligations, contracts, exchanges, and work and you acknowledge, understand, agree, and promise to fulfill all financial and monetary exchanges due to Wild Moon LLC., and /or Keia Lavine. You acknowledge that you will be held accountable, and promise to be present, be on time, complete required course work, complete all practicum work, and abide by and act in accordance with the codes of conduct outlined in this agreement at all times. 
    • I Keia Lavine, creator of Wild Moon LLC., will irrevocably reserve the right to terminate any relationship, contract, or agreed to exchange with anyone that I deem necessary at any time, with or without explanation, reason, or consequence to me. I clearly declare that I will not give opportunity, service, support, energy, time, or attention to anyone who causes me any harm, pain, suffering, or loss in any way, including and especially anyone who fails to fulfill any contracted or promised agreement, anyone who fails to abide by all laws of the state, and anyone who fails to act in alignment with all codes of conduct stated here or on any platform created by me or others; including website, social media, paperwork, email, various tech marketing and more. This is non-negotiable 
    • Policy:  Failure or refusal in any way to honor and fulfill your financial, legal, contract agreements and/ or student/ client obligations (including this agreement), will be met with irrevocable and immediate termination and forfeit to Wild Moon LLC., in full, including forfeit of any relationship with Keia Lavine, any agreed or promised exchanges, and all products, services, and offerings offered by Wild Moon LLC., and/or Keia Lavine.  You acknowledge and understand that you will be immediately pursued legally for any financial agreement violated, any and all unmet obligations,  any contract broken, and legal pursuit WILL include ANY financial recompense estimated and all incurred fees from this pursuit, including but not limited to; legal, financial, administrative, and personal losses; including time spent/loss, medical fees incurred, emotional pain, physical loss, and incurred costs, communal, business, personal, and private reputation harm towards either Keia Lavine or Wild Moon LLC. Charges will include an hourly rate of no less than $250 per hour as a base and may include more for any pursuit, legal or otherwise, towards the fulfillment of your agreements.  
  • Code of Humility- Humility is the life force of this work.  It is the marrow within the bones of Honor, Unity, accountability, and creation.  It is what gives life to learning, practice, discipline, and mastery.  It is the great river that leads to the ocean of awakened consciousness and heart-centered being.  Humility is generous, accountable, reflective, movable, and curious. Some describe it as submission, rather I encourage you to see that it is the flowing essence of honor being demonstrated through softness and receptivity, and openness to learning.  Humility is the pause before the response, the willingness to not know the answer, and the tenderness to take accountability and admit the truth and take ownership of lies, faults, mistakes, and dishonoring actions.  Humility knows that triggers are a gift of opportune growth for those brave enough to seek honor first. Humility Values unity and knows that different people have different perspectives on issues, and that can be valuable for expanding consciousness, solving problems, or generating new ideas. Being unable to understand why someone holds a viewpoint doesn’t mean that they’re wrong. Don’t forget that we all make mistakes, humility doesn’t correct but rather fosters communication and curiosity. When you are hurt, triggered, disrespected, misunderstood, betrayed, abandoned, used, taken for granted, falsely accused, and even abused… Humility shows up with patients, with silence, with trust, and allows for spirit to teach and comfort. It is with humility that we step back within personal boundaries, and ask the hard questions. It is what gives space for others to nurture their own accountability and integrity.
    • Terms: If you are triggered, feel hurt, offended, or disrespected at any time, you are asked to pause and step into the rivers of humble reflection.  Contemplate the situation that triggered you, and uncover and journal out your personal accountability in the experience. Ask yourself questions about what is true and what is perception.  When you can clearly and concisely define what happened, what you experienced, what it prompted, ALONGSIDE with what you feel, fear,  need, desire, and what you request in moving forward is… From this processed space ONLY please approach the person with whom the experience pertains to request a time for a grounded conversation practicing the codes of conduct.  NON-negotiable.
    • Policy: If you personally move out of alignment with any code of conduct or you witness another student, affiliate or even myself do any action or behavior, at any time, that is illegal, unethical, non-integral, or does any action that directly violates these codes of conduct, then you must report it immediately.  Failure to do so can result in your immediate release from any access to Wild Moon LLC offerings. Your financial obligations will remain. 

  • Communication- Communication is the binding force of humanity. Conscious communication is the key that opens the door to unity. It is honoring, humble, integral, accountable,  reflective, expressive, and brings expansion. It becomes medicine for misunderstanding, separation, and confusion.  When used in the right relationship, it allows for different perspectives and opposing truths to find a connection.  Communication can solve problems, and become a salve to cleanse and heal trauma, bitterness, pain, and resentment. It invites possibility, innovation, vision, and relationship.  Clear and concise communication is a master’s skill, a wise man’s path, and the sage’s medicine.  Communication can be speaking yes, but it is also great listening, inclusive of all that is spoken and not spoken.  Be aware that communication can also be easily disrespectful, dismissive, cruel, harmful, poisonous, disruptive, judgmental, and even cause death, war, and more. You are requested to use clear, concise conscious communication to express any needs, ask for help, get clarity, ask for extra time or support, and to discuss any personal struggles, complaints, triggers, joys, celebrations (all matters),  It is your responsibility to communicate and to CHOOSE YOUR WORDS CAREFULLY. 
    • Terms: You are always welcome to share your experience and perceptions, however, you are asked to NEVER share the experience of another, EVER. It is never permitted to speak about another, especially without their presence or permission.  This is out of integrity, dishonoring out of alignment with the code of conduct of Wild Moon LLC. You will be held accountable for your words that cause harm in any way. This is non-negotiable.
    • Policy: While affiliated with Wild Moon LLC, it is mandatory that all communication from you, must be conscious communication that embodies the codes of conduct, and demonstrates honor, unity, accountability, and growth. Any communication that shares another person’s experience, implies, suggests, or hints at any form of another person’s identity, conveys, suggests, or implies another in any way, that is without the presence or permission of the person, company or entity and/ or in any way “Implies” a specific identity of another, whether false, true, stated as fact,  may be considered gossip, slander, and rumoring and be grounds for termination of any relationship with Wild Moon LLC. This is non-negotiable. 

  • Stewardship -Stewardship is the highest calling of any of us, in all of humanity. Stewardship is leadership, ownership, and intentional service. Being in charge is a great privilege and responsibility, but it is only through true stewardship that we begin to understand the reciprocity of unity consciousness, or how to receive through honoring others, the great gift that is really received through humbled service, and in time can show how to hear the communication happening all around you in spirit.  This language of love gifts you the activation of your heart, nourishes the flowing energies of advocacy and allows you to speak on behalf of those you serve from a true understanding of needs and desires.   flowing energies the fulfillment of service and advocacy.  Stewardship is honorable service, initiated by accountability that stirs inspired action.  Stewardship creates the greatest union you could experience.  It creates unity between your mind, your heart, your body, and your ACTIONS.  Stewardship is initiated by accountability and magnetizes inspiration in the energetic fields around you.  shifts others through embodied humility that communicates from the heart and with consciousness.  This is the breath and voice of a conscious creator and awakened being.  This is the road that leads the way for our future. Be a voice for the voiceless, and be the change you wish to see. Stewardship is more than a responsibility, if you truly get to be in stewardship, then you get to experience the sacred gift of exchange in this.  Not many are truly led to stewardship or entrusted with this type of power.  It is the chosen fewFulfilling duties, work, tasks, and obligations transform into an act of service that directly supports building a better, stronger, and more innovative future for generations to come.  It demonstrates acting with an owner mentality, developing solutions for all people, and helping improve communities and the global environment. responsibility. Stewardship requires a willingness to grow. Growth can require challenges to overcome.  In honor, we approach all challenges with curiosity, and an opportunistic chance to generate energy by taking inspired and empowered action, this allows the past mentality of the “victim” consciousness to rest as we make our exchange toward growth.  We never fault or pass off that chance to grow to anyone or anything else, knowing there is no failure, there’s always a way to get it done and if we can’t or fail to pass that challenge, we get the gift of learning. We want creative innovators who are driven to get results. Being of service to others is in our DNA. Stewardship asks us to contribute our knowledge, skill, energy, or even our expertise, time, and money to causes we care about in the communities in which we live and work. Giving back makes us and the world better. It creates unity and nurses that language of love. It breathes synergy and frees up energy toward inspiration, imagination, and vision
    • Terms: Stewardship is both a responsibility and a right.  What do you currently offer service to? What causes, or social movements call you or activate stirring energies within?  During the time that you are affiliated with Wild Moon LLC. you are asked to be in service to the discovery of yourself, your vision, your own purpose, passions, ethics, morals, desires, cycles, seasons, and more.  Be in service to developing discipline. The discipline that unlocks that box you’ve been locked in for far too long. The service to honor your commitment, to unify your thoughts with your actions through accountability and humble communication of what you need. 
    • Policy: failure to honor your personal commitment to this program, well you really the one that suffers the consequences of that. Tardiness, procrastination, doubt, fears, self-sabotage… All the possible ways that could pull you out of alignment with stewardship are the very things that are the “rights of passage” to being able to walk into true stewardship.  You must first embody stewardship for the ONLY thing that really matters… you. Advocate for your needs… This is fundamental to the synergistic. 

  • Vision- The great vision and mission of Wild Moon LLC., and its Founder, Keia Lavine, is to explore that final frontier to seek out new places and new ways that are pure potential. To create vast visions for the collective and anchor these visions down into this time/space as we do our own personal growth work. The vision is to boldly go where no one has gone before.  Seek out new life, new ideas, new creation, new ways, and forms of expression that ignite challenge, risk, innovation, curiosity, exploration, theory, possibility, and profound reward.  We bravely go together, to new places within our own potential, knowing that our unified visions will create a synergistic energy that will become a catalyst for all other’s experiences to receive the consciousness and awakening that we ourselves are unlocking.  We create a vision with the intent that invites perspectives to collectively shift, opening all into new paradigms for the birthing of the great vision… a collective experience that is free from suffering, unified, and in harmony with communication, stewardship, accountability, and sustains life for all. With all effort, we seek all share the desire to set things into motion with a vision that is expansive, honors the codes set here, challenges the current paradigms, and is clear, concise, and allows for easy understanding. 
    • Terms: It is the intention that through any person’s relationship with Wild Moon LLC and /or its Founder, Keia Lavine, you find a greater vision for yourself and a vision for the collective.  This is the nature of all the work…to explore within yourself, asking the questions of who are you really? Who did you come here to be, what do you REALLY want and why?  Vision is the nectar of life, and medicine of the soul. 
    • Policy: When you join any workshop, training, coaching, educational program, or offering that is shared by Keia Lavine and/or Wild Moon LLC., just receive and remember that we are all in this together.  You are to be accountable for your own awakening journey.  CHOOSE the life you want. Remember who you are before the experiences of this life change you, and let that aspect of you create a vision from the truth. Hold that vision for yourself with all of your heart and trust that all things are working in your favor. 


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