A dedication to my sisters I never knew until later in life...

I Imagine...

Michelle Herb, Lisa Herb, and Lee Herb... My older and beautiful sisters ❤ although the world's apart our blood binds us forever!
I imagine a home of love and parents of integrity and compassion who held us when we cried,
I imagine a house of comfort and stability that was a castle in our minds,
I imagine days past when we were young chasing clouds in the early day sky,
I imagine how we loved and cared for each other by braiding hair, painting toenails, and picking out outfits of fun, frills, lace, and jeans.
I imagine picking wildflowers in the wood,
even though we were not allowed to roam.
I imagine sneaking out from home, romping in the sugarcane fields whispering secrets of traveling together to Atlantis.
I imagine chasing butterflies, singing made-up songs, and picking strawberries until dusk took us unaware,
I imagine floating the river down with gentle streams and fairies dancing on the banks that only our eyes could see,
I imagine the sunlight glimmering through the trees kissing our foreheads as though a blessing of life had been granted to only us.
I imagine how we would chase fireflies until the moon called us home,
I imagine, my darling sisters, of midnight whispers, stories, and secrets shared by flashlight under a blanket,
I imagine a childhood of hopes and magic, sisterly love and shared dreams,
I imagine that had we been given that chance we would have chosen to be mermaids in the ocean singing songs of love and awaiting the magic of dawn. 
Happy Valentine's Day!


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