Reflecting back… 2016

Reflecting... When kitchari becomes your favorite food, and Ginger water becomes your favorite drink, you realize things have changed!  One year ago I started my yoga school journey.  I am now a 550 hr certified teacher, teach at 2 studios, and spent my day at Temple yoga school for the beginning of my next 150 hours of studies.  I spent the evening making ginger and turmeric water, coconut, and lavender face cream, and listening to Jai Uttal...   

I sit here with this deep understanding of all of our interconnectedness, and for all my wrathful decisions in my youth, my angry and vengeful actions while in my grief, my spite and sarcasm while in my anger, and for all my wrongdoings in this life committed in my ignorance.  I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, I love you, I love you -so damn much.  
I hear from the spirit with this gentle lead to finding what I've been looking for... me.  To truly get to know me, to love me -for all my worth.  We say self-love, but what is this true? In my interpretation, it is loving me just for my very existence... I think that's why we as humans have children... It's pretty much the closest thing to experiencing complete unconditional love.  How can I love myself the same way?  I don't have the perfect answer for you just yet, but I am seeking that answer.... in the meantime- I do know where to start.  Start with the breath... inhale... feel that? That is cosmic life force entering you... exhale... feel that? That is the release of all things that no longer serve... this is the oceanic pattern of all of life... existing in your very lungs.  Breathe...  It's the first thing you ever do and will be the last thing you ever do.  What a gift.  
I can't say this enough, the science and spirit which is YOGA is such a powerful and beautiful path to healing, transformation, and spirituality with depth.  Yoga has no bias except suffering.  To understand this to the depths that I do and know that I am just scratching the surface of this path makes me feel so full and inquisitive, like a child in a garden. Its depth is nearly as infinite as is God... for what are all but unique expressions of God manifest in the first place? This "matrix"... is all but a glorious story unfolding... And we are but mere shades of colors in this painting... all pieces of the whole and the whole piece.  

I teach Bhakti... called the path of devotion... But this is so much more than devotion to your practice of yoga asanas; it is the expression of love, the desire to give yourself in service, of the surrender of your egoic will in order for the absorption of the divine to channel through you. It's the utilizing the pure nature of things such as our emotions in the sole purpose to have a relationship with our creator and with the creator that is us.  So beautiful soo soo beautiful it makes me cry. Ever faithful is the breath, this etheric connection to the divine, inhale~exhale. Breathe and feel the movement of God's infinity within you... ~Breathe~


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