The Call of the Medicine Woman

The Medicine Woman is one of the most suppressed and forgotten feminine archetypes in human history. She is the healer, the seer, the wise woman, the visionary, the teacher, the intuitive, and the leader. She holds the gifts of energy healing, plant medicine, and the passion to empower others to step into their truth.  She is the wild woman who howls at the sister moon, talks to the plant nations, speaks to animals, and listens to the stories of the rock people.  She prays and sings, dances and chants.  She follows the lunar and solar energies and seeks to bring balance to life through facilitating awakenings, healing, and helping you to rise to your purpose.  She greets us with a smile knowing the intrinsic connection we all have with one another.  She gives guidance and teachings and her hands are the portals of healing power working through her.  
She heard the call and answered back with her heart.  She bridges the gap between worlds and between the hearts and minds of humankind.  She is in love with this life and all that it has to offer and she has come to share the medicine with you.  
My purpose is to bring deep healing into as many lives as possible.  I am a psychic medium and answer to a bold and wild woman calling of the Medicine Woman.  I practice psychic medium-ship, working with guides and ancestors to bring ancient medicine through my sessions with clients.  I practice Usui "Holy Fire" Reiki, Sound Healing, and Vibrational therapy.  I work with Lakota traditions and psychic realms.  I work very closely with my teachers and mentors in the healing fields and am taught by some of the best in the field. 
I believe that I am here to redefine medicine as the connection of the scientific and material world to the spiritual and metaphysical realm.   I believe in plant medicine, working with nature in seasonal and astrological influences.  I teach yoga as Medicine and specific healing techniques to awaken the healer within to help you realize your gifts and truest form of pure potentiality. My psychic connection to the spirit world fuels my passion with my intention to awaken the divine feminine and redefine medicine through yogic philosophies, psychic development, and spiritual empowerment. 


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