Ethical Medicine

So you think you are a Medicine Person or Shaman who can serve medicine?  I ask, wow where did you receive your initiations?  They reply: the medicine told me, (or)  “my intuition told me.”   
Dear Soul… 
I will never sway from the ancient truth that medicines should NOT be served by anyone who has not gone through true initiations and proper teachings to learn the SKILL and WISDOM required to balance the "intuition" you are following... 
If you haven't honored the medicine in this way, then what makes you think it will honor you? You do not have the blessings of the ancestral spirits either to protect you or those you serve.  And you will have an open portal of unconscious blindness entering your ceremonial work. 
Serving without proper initiations... Is the same as a one-sided friendship using their friend as a commodity to get what they want.  Being a medicine carrier is to be in the RIGHT relationship with the medicine.  It is to walk in Honor and respect of the Master Plant Spirits. 
Not perpetuated entitled TAKING... The entire premise and foundation of this path is humility…  If you can't find the humbleness to walk the process, then how will you ever truly be in service? 
Ask your medicine person where they received teachings, training, and initiations.  If they say the medicine told them... then I caution you.  Many sit with the medicines and then feel they should serve.  That is the great temptation of the Master plant spirits. They will allow you to feel the power, they will show you how you are medicine and powerful… They will even tell the people who have the gift to carry that they are meant to serve… In my VERY REAL experience… This is the invitation… The crossroads is the life decision of choosing either honoring the path, or entitlement.  If you aren't even conscious of THIS, then you still have work to do before you start delving into realms you have no understanding of.  
The Master Spirits will tell you to test yourself and see what you will do...  To see if you will still honor the process of respecting the lineages, teachings, and wisdom passed down to us by those that have given their lives to protect the medicines...  Before you take it upon yourself to serve medicine… find an initiated teacher that you can trust and honor the process. 

ETHICS in this path is everything. I base ethical standards on this very statement that my mom told me years ago “you are only who you are when no one is looking.” My path in medicine has taken me far and back again.   I have met amazing teachers, and also the very opposite.  It has been a powerful and prudent gift to me by the Master plant spirits… allowing me to see the full scope so that I can make wise choices.  I have seen and heard of MANY accounts of people serving ceremonies who didn't even know how to truly open sacred space, who didn't even have spirits that they worked with, who opened people up without ceremonial protection thus leaving them open and vulnerable to energies that were unnecessary.  
I have also seen countless “shamans" just talk bad about other shamans or medicine people without just going to them and saying “hey, brother/sister, I noticed this thing and I feel compelled to share my perspective to support all of our growth processes”… 
I try to remind everyone that we are all in this together.  It’s not a competition and our invitation is to remember that we can all support each other with grace, integrity, true respect, and ethical practice. 
PS. Length of years and how many feathers one has does NOT measure the integrity and skill behind holding ceremonial space, energies, and protection.  If you meet a medicine carrier that seems all-knowing… Again, I caution… Find the ones that can admit their mistakes, that can show up as an equal, and that is there to serve your entire process and not just serve your medicine.  
#Knowyourmedicine #Knowthemedicineperson #respectthemedicine #honorthepath #HonorRespectHumility #Ethicalpractice.

*Humility and a desire to heal is the only way you can come to the ceremony.  -Rex 

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  1. Crystal Bacheler  03/20/2024 12:34 AM Central
    Hi there. I’m Crystal. I’ve been suffering with negativity and mood swings for a long time. I have tried every medication, counseling, yoga, prayer, self-help books to no avail. I want to experience humility and healing. I am open and ready for an entheogen experience guided by a person that knows what they are doing. I need help! I hope to hear from you.

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