How does a person become psychic?  Well, before I share how a person becomes a psychic, let me share with you what becoming a psychic is not. 

I can first share that this is not a destination to reach after a long hike.  It is not some theatrical play of events that ends in a grand scene or fireworks where you leave in awe and just get it.  Becoming psychic is not dark rooms, seances, peering into crystal balls in the dark of the night, and telling someone they are doomed.  It is not enchantment spells and crystal wands and tarot cards (although these items can be used). It is not going to a school, workshop or training and receiving an existential gift, and it is not some credential, course or class to complete. It is especially not a certificate to achieve and hang on a wall. 
Becoming psychic is a process of the unfolding of your true nature. Bit by bit, day by day you become... you.  You see, you are an eternal being, not limited or bound by this life but blessed to experience this present moment.  You are limitless in your power and capability.  You are the manifest of unfolding potentiality.  Like the velveteen rabbit, you become real bit by bit and often find your true nature after all your fur has been rubbed off and you become shabby in the joints.  For most, the becoming takes an awakening.  Meaning the universe has decided to not let you slumber in your egoic nature any longer and has transpired some events or several events to "awaken" you.  In this process of awakening, there is a remembering that happens.  But this remembering is very much like trying hard to remember last night’s dream.  You might have bits and pieces, yet not understand nor remember the entire picture. It is a process and an unfolding and an adventure of a lifetime.  For me, this becoming has been the most exciting, heart-healing, soul-wrenching journey ever. 
You see we are all psychic.  You were born that way.  Just as we are all singers, dancers, artists, creators, and more.  You are an energy being, your every possession including your body and mind is particles and waves dancing about and vibrating into materialism.  You are vibrating energy dancing its way through the cosmos.  Energy is stored information waiting to be read and translated.  Much of the energy around you is perceived as plain physical things - matter, yet we are more like mer-folk swimming in an ocean of energy.   If you could imagine all of existence to be like a wet acrylic painting that is able to be smudged with just a stroke of the hand, then maybe you could comprehend our ability to play and move energy.  Look around you in the room that you’re in, or this very screen that you are reading now.  It too is energy.  These energies are informational vibrations and the densities of the subatomic particles are making the perceived material objects you see.
Becoming psychic is the process of becoming awake to your true nature.  As a practicing psychic, I can share my experience and my personal journey of this "becoming".   
  In searching for an offered definition on the web I was given information such as
  • sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences: marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding
  • lying outside the sphere of physical science or knowledge: immaterial, moral, or spiritual in origin or force
  • of or relating to the human soul or mind; mental (opposed to physical).
  • . sensitive to influences or forces of a nonphysical or supernatural nature
With all these definitions everyone who has ever had a dream would fall under this category.  None of these web dictionary answers rang true to a clear definition of "a Psychic".  Working closely with my mentor, I was challenged to define what it is that a psychic is, learn to clearly define and convey what it is that I do and through this process step more authentically into my role as a healer. As for my most clear definition, I would define a Psychic as: 

A Psychic is a being who uses extra-sensory perception to read energetic information. 
That means a being who uses Extra sensory perception ESP metaphysical senses known as Clair-senses to read and interpret the metaphysical language of energy (stored information that is beyond our physical senses). As you awaken to these gifts, they unfold and you begin to practice them by becoming aware of them and exploring them.  Then becoming conscious of how you are and learn to embody yourself and begin learning how to translate the symbiotic dance with all energies in extrasensory perception. 
When becoming psychic, you awaken your extrasensory gifts of perception through practice.  Just as an athlete practices so too must a psychic practice at their "Clair-senses" (ESP gifts). This information is read through the use of Clair-senses.  Clair senses are the senses that are metaphysical and correlate with the physical senses of the body (touch, taste, smell, sight, feeling).  These Clair-senses are used to tap into the astral or spiritual realm to help relay or translate energetic information that is un-seeable to the common person.    There are several different Clair-senses used to translate this energetic information. Although there are numerous Clair-senses, there are 7 main ones that we will discuss in this article.
A psychic is basically an interpreter of energetic information. 
This stored energetic information can be read and interpreted by using six different extra sensory perceptions called "Clair senses".  
The six different clairs are:
  1. Clairvoyance–"Clear vision", The ability to perceive energetic information through sight and perception in the mind’s eye.
  2. Clairaudience–"Clear hearing", perceiving sounds, noises, music or voice from the astral and spiritual realm.
  3. Claircognizance–"Clear knowing", the subtle sense of receiving information that "comes" to the mind. 
  4. Clairsentience– "Clear sensing", Clearly sensing or feeling energies in or outside the body.  
  5. Clairtangency - "Clear touch", Perceiving energetic information by touching an object or person. 
  6. Clairgustance–"Clear tasting", Extrasensory perception of taste that relays energetic information. 
  7. Clairalience—"Clear smelling", perceiving through smell, odors that are not always physically present. 
Like radio waves, spiritual information is constantly being broadcast around us, so it's really just a matter of learning how to tune in to it. We tune into it by purifying our minds and bodies through exercise and clean eating alongside the practice of these gifts.  Those gut feelings, intuitive notions, goose bumps, dreams, weird sensations, Deja vu experiences, and more are all parts of the extra sensory perceptions that are innate in us all.  As we pay attention and become aware of these things, then we are able to take charge of them and specifically practice them to get to understand our gifts.  This is the "becoming".  

In my personal experience, I have always had these gifts.  In fact, as a child, they were overwhelming, confusing, and oftentimes scary.  It wasn't until I was much older that I was able to embrace my gifts and even gain the courage to tell people.  Most of my close family and friends knew but didn't really pay any attention.  It has felt like "coming out of the closet" to actually claim my gifts, and talk about them in the public's eye. 

In 2016 I signed up for a Reiki course and through this felt my psychic gift awaken even more.  It was confusing and crazy as the onslaught of information I was constantly receiving wasn't clear, and was overwhelming and I have had to work closely with a psychic mentor to hone in these gifts with purpose and precision.  I am still becoming psychic.  In fact, I do not believe there is ever any real arrival other than self-acceptance, and even with this, there is a long journey of learning to love and accept yourself. In any case, I can assure you that we as energy beings are all psychic and are slowly becoming more and more in tune with the knowledge of this.  I call this the great awakening.  As each person begins to put energy into this practice and development by becoming aware of the subtleties of their perceptions then there is an energetic shift that occurs on a sub-atomic level that affects the whole.  I believe that this is how we affect each other in the areas of universal consciousness.  This ever-expanding field will continue to grow as more and more beings awaken to their gift.  

To become psychic is to first find out who you really are.  Remember who you were before you had this body in this day and time.  A remembering of your true nature as an energy being.  Vibrating particles and waves in a continual dance of sharing energies through biophotons (light) and sound.  Becoming is the unfolding of your true nature like a flower blooming.  It is the very nature of learning to love the unfolding process just as much (if not more) as the flower in bloom.  

As a psychic medium, I offer one on one readings called intuitive healing sessions. 
In a one-on-one intuitive healing session, I read and interpret energetic information through metaphysical gifts called the Clair senses to read energetic information from the client’s energy body and then interpret and translate the information to the client for guidance, insight, and healing.  I guide the client through releasing blocked or stuck energy and help bring the energy body back to balance to allow for deeper long-lasting healing. I often channel healing energy known as Reiki to the energetic and physical body of the client to provide healing. This Reiki energy is a vibrational energy that helps the client to feel relaxed, unblock stuck energy and balance disruptive energy, by changing the frequency and pattern.  Sometimes in sessions, I use tarot cards to help convey messages that offer answers through synchronicity to my clients.  There are many tools we as healers use, however the most potent of tools is our own innate gifts of extrasensory perceptions. 
I love what I do especially watching my clients find deep personal healing and growth.  It is by far an incredible path to becoming psychic and facilitating the awakening of this gift in others.  Becoming psychic is truly remembering who you really are. 
With love,
Keia Lavine - 


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