Pisces Lunar cycle. The Oracle Moon

New Moon in Pisces, the Oracle Moon 
Written by; Keia Lavine, February 2023

The Alchemists Moon

Welcome, Welcome Dreamy Picean moon! I feel as though I have been waiting for you for so long that your arrival seems so sudden.  These last few days I have felt this depth that has turned, like the tide of the ocean.  It coincides with my personal turning of the tides in my life as I have spent these nights of the new moon phase moving.  Leaving a place that I have lived in for 10 years and packing up to move mountain top so as to sell my house and invest in BIG DREAMS.    

Picean moon is all about dreams, the last lunar cycle of the winter, and the last of the astrological signs.  We are in the feels of it all.  That place of shifting gears and moveable energy can be felt viscerally as though the place between dreams and wake is nearly unrecognizable.  Still, in the cold, darker months of the year, we can subtly remind ourselves that we are still in the wintertime.  This means, that we still have time to dream and through this month I can only encourage you, dear reader, to take this time to look at your dreams, goals, and ambitions for the coming year and spend this lunar cycle in refinement and beginning to take some action on cultivating the soils of growth for the coming spring.  

This oracle moon calls in the mutable, movable flowing, shifting, and dream-like state of being.  Ruled by water, it would be quite tangible to feel the emotional tides of overwhelming this month... You have been holding so much dear one.  a year of shifting, of moving, of ignited dreams that to hold in the vision call fast a new way of being.  

There is a call on the air for maturation, a growing ring marked within the trunk of a tree... unmeasurable and unseeable, but certainly felt.  This month you are called to rise.... begin to feel the sweet water melt from this season's frost... The winter is nearly over, yet there is still time to dream and dream deeper.  Get clarity on your path, your intention, your purpose, and your intentional pursuit that is to come through the next year.   Take inventory.  Where are you? What are you doing? Where are you going? What do you really want in this life? 

Breathe, and feel the way.  Feel it all and then like a hunter with a bow, close those eyes and feel deeply into this prayerful intention-setting time.  pull that arrow back... and hold until that FEEEEELING leads the way.  That feeling should be an instantaneous grab of the heart, a propelling forward motion felt as though a touch of the divine pushed the quiver of that prayer at just the right angle.  And all you need to do is trust.  YOU will know.  

Since the opening of this lunar cycle, the energies have shifted significantly.  "The LAST becomes first and the FIRST becomes last", was the message clearly conveyed. And as we enter this last lunar cycle of the lunar year, perhaps this is the month that you will put those things that you have been holding off as the first thing to do on your list.  

Be blessed and may the light of the moon illuminate the dark times for you. 

With Wild Love, 
Keia Lavine, HHP. CMI., Cht. 
Medicine Woman 
email me at rise@keialavine.com

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New Moon Ritual

For this month, since we are now passing the new moon, I want to share with you a meditation that is offered to students for their work.  This meditation is a great way to get some clarity on what seeds you would like to plant in your life.  And HOW to plant them with focus is a gift for you.  

Enjoy and may your intention setting be worthy of your sovereign nature. 

You are worthy of a life that you love,
Keia Lavine

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