Aires Solar Eclipse & New Moon, The fires of Alchemy
The Fires of Alchemy
Written by; Keia Lavine, April 19th, 2023

Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aires, again? ... 

The igniting power of Airies started our year off strong and now the alchemical fires unleash as we celebrate the peak of the spring with a powerful solar eclipse and the second Aires New Moon.  

As Aires inspires igniting energies and called for the clarification of your goals last month, THIS SOLAR ECLIPSE/ AIRES NEW MOON is all about tending the sacred alchemical fire of CREATION.  

Now is the time to create to get your hands in the dirt and feel the soil under your nails.  To make and mold the garden of growth in your path.  This is the time to toil, to stoke the fire, to do the work that most don't want to do.   
You get this one life and your story and gifts are meant to be shared in this world.  Your path and journey, your experiences (both good and bad) are powerful medicine that is here to help heal, shift, change, and grow.  You were meant to have, do, and be more... and the desire for that is your divinity seeking to shine.  

Do you want more out of life? Do you want more life experiences?  Do you yearn for fulfilling relationships? Aligned work and empowered ability to share your message and gift with others?  

I know what it is like to feel that you have a powerful gift locked up inside you, yet overwhelmed with doubt, worry, fear, resistance, not going for it because of >>>  (fill in your reasons here).  But that deep calling within will never stop calling you.  

Just as a rose will always have the design of the rose, so will your God Given Gift to be medicine always yearn for more.  You are creation, you are expansion, and you are the power of alchemy in physical form.  Your heart is the sacred fire where your dreams burn the ceremony of magic and your body IS the garden of the soul. 

Today, on this SOLAR ECLIPSE, the energies are ripe for your prayers, actions, and intentions to be clearly yelled out from the mountaintop.  Today is the day of the ceremonial fire of the heart.  

Yeah, I know sometimes there's resistance, paradigms, fears, and more that scream at you "Who do you think you are?"   But that is just an old echo like remnants of last year's weeds asking to be cleared from this year's garden.  Tell your heart that the resistance and fear are really just a reminder of how important going after your dream is.  Like a grandmother's dinner bell calling you home to the time of supper.  

I pray you to ignite the fires of creation and alchemy within you and be brave... Take up courage like pulling the sword out of the stone and wield it as only you can do.  Invest in yourself, and take the time to find your message inside and take action on it.  For this is THE garden of medicine for your life, my life, and the lives of those you will help that you may not ever even know.  

Ready to ignite that purpose? 

Are you ready to chase your dreams? To step up more fully into the life of service that you are meant for? Are you wanting to detox, and reset mentally, physically, and spiritually? 
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Your time is now! May the light of the moon illuminate your journey. 

With Wild Love, 
Keia Lavine, HHP. CMI., Cht. 
Medicine Woman 
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Alchemy of Dreams... A special event.
You are invited to a very special event.  A three-day deep dive into alchemizing dreams.

Ready to shift your life? Step into the process of true alchemy and how to use this transformational process to create your dream life.  

These three days you will get to learn tools that most of the greats out there don't share, as well as hear from others on how this process has worked for them.  We will also have a special Ostara Blessing, A New Moon Ritual, energy medicine ignition, and some entrepreneurial tools that will help build your brand and online presence. 

This will be amazing for those who are conscious entrepreneurs, those wanting to step into conscious creation and create the life that they desire.  Advanced work for those who are ready for mastery through this powerful manifestation technique. I am ready to share my secret with you.  

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New Moon / Solar Eclipse Ritual

New moon rituals are a way to align with the natural seasons and cosmic energies around us.  They are spiritual in nature and meant to bring you closer to the relationship that you have with the creator and with your body, mind heart, and spirit.  These rituals offer you an invitation to know yourself more deeply.   Take the time to do this rather than just read it.  You will feel the shift of calm and deeper connection. 

Dance of fire:  a 30 min somatic release and rebirth for the solar eclipse and 2nd aires new moon. 

Meditative Movement and Expression:
1. Take some time to write out your New Moon Intention (what you are calling in) and your Release (What you want to release from your life).  Write these as two clear, solid, concise statements on two separate pieces of paper.  
2. Light some candles
3. turn on your favorite music
4. And take time to dance and move as though you are doing a charade or acting out each of these.  Starting with the release, dance like an actor in a theatrical musical demonstrating the actual release and then dance the actions of the calling in and intention statement coming into your life.  

***Have fun with this and remember the energies of spring, fun, creation, fertility, and play.  

Journal any messages you want to remember...
**Journal Prompt: **
Dive deep into your body, ask these questions, and explore the answers that come through.
  • What do I desire?
  • What do I feel?
  • What do I yearn for?
Take time during this igniting practice and ritual.  A movement that kindles a little heat in the body is a powerful way to release and call in.  Remember to let the emotions flow and move with the body.  There is no right or wrong way to do this, just trust yourself to make this ritual yours.  
Don't forget to reflect in your journal.   

*You can share in the TRIBE CHAT ROOM about your experiences if you would like to share. 

Integration Therapeutic Coaching Support
Healing doesn't have to be hard, nor does it need to have more suffering involved.  Are you seeking balance, release, support, and a softer spiritual approach to your healing journey? 
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Experience is the real currency for this type of work, and I help you with very clear, transformative, and powerful integration coaching and therapeutic work. 

I have been guiding people into spiritual development work and trauma therapeutics for years.   Working with me is the difference between going to a skilled surgeon rather than the local pharmacy for help. 

If you are looking for authentic spiritual guidance, transformation, therapeutic support, and tangible results then schedule with me now.   I will help you with your journey in medicine and integration and spiritual journey.   

You are worthy of a life that you love,
Keia Lavine.

Sending your love.

All rights reserved and Copywrite stuff, declaration thing, or whatever is supposed to go here. Just know I wrote this so be nice, don't steal, but please do share. PS.  I know I might have typos.  ***Deal with it and re-read the message again. It'll be good for your soul. I love you.


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